The new G-Class

Legend, updated.

Experience the new G-Class. Made from unique DNA. Built for extreme challenges. Ready to create history.

The new G-Class in action.

Follow the new G-Class to the origin of its strengths, and find out what makes the off-road legend so special: unparalleled off-road capabilities, markedly improved on-road performance and a unique design.
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Off the road.

For generations, the interaction between the robust ladder-type frame, low-range gear ratio and the three differential locks have made the G-Class an off-road icon.

On the road.

The G-Class also displays its strengths in the city: The new G-Class unites extraordinary strengths and precise driving characteristics to form a unique experience.
G 500: fuel consumption combined: 12.1-11.5 l/100 km;
combined CO₂ emissions: 276-263 g/km.*

In timeless design.

The new G-Class retains its characteristic design with its edges and corners, even though the entire vehicle has been almost completely redesigned.

New interior design.

Experience the generous space concept of the new G-Class in 360°.