The S-Class Coupé amid the characteristic Sylt heathland.

Discovering Sylt with the S-Class Coupé.

The S-Class Coupé is an impressively safe companion on the North Frisian island.
Photos: Easton Chang

Thirst for adventure.

It is early in the morning in the health resort of Niebüll in Schleswig-Holstein. The cool North Sea breeze wards off the last signs of drowsiness, there is a pleasant tang of salt in the air, whetting our appetite for the sea. Sylt is only a 35-minute train journey away via the Hindenburg Dam. With the S-Class Coupé, the Deutsche Bahn’s Sylt Shuttle and luggage containing lots of wanderlust, it’s off to the largest of the North Frisian Islands.

There is a unique beauty and diversity to Sylt which is waiting to be discovered. With the S-Class Coupé as a safe companion there is nothing to stand in the way of unforgettable experiences.

Safe when out and about with the S-Class Coupé.
Thanks to the combination of numerous safety and assistance systems in the S-Class Coupé, driving is becoming ever safer.

Keeping distance.

The combination of numerous safety and assistance systems which complement each other in the S-Class Coupé helps relieve the strain on the driver while on the road, improve protection of the occupants and other road users and reduce the risk of accidents. DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control with Steer Assist and Stop&Go Pilot keeps the car at the required speed and automatically regulates the distance to vehicles in front. Steer Assist helps the driver stay in lane. Above all in a traffic jam and in stop-and-go traffic the system offers a high degree of stress-relieving comfort, as it autonomously brakes and accelerates the car. This function proves particularly helpful when waiting for the S-Class Coupé to be loaded on to the carriage of the Sylt Shuttle.

Increased ride comfort.

The first destination is Westerland – the heart of the island, combining lively urban hustle and bustle with raw natural beauty. In addition to a stroll through the pedestrian zone, the promenade and the white sandy beach stretching for miles are also a great attraction. With the S-Class Coupé you can drive directly to the popular Brandenburg beach. However, particularly in the summer months, parking spaces are thin on the ground. Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC assists when searching for a parking space and when entering or leaving parallel or vertical parking spaces.

To the beach with the S-Class Coupé. Around 40 kilometres of the finest sandy beaches extend over the North Sea island inviting people to relax.

It steers the vehicle automatically into the parking space with a maximum of seven manoeuvres relieving the driver of steering and braking. Obstacles in front of and behind the car can be detected by PARKTRONIC. In these cases the driver receives a visual and acoustic warning in order to prevent damage when manoeuvring. Steering interventions by the driver are possible at any time, then Parking Assist automatically switches off. The 360° camera enables parking with all-round vision thanks to the interplay of four networked cameras.

Arriving safely at the destination.

It is above all the natural beauty that prompts up to 850,000 holidaymakers a year to visit the North Sea island. The east of the island boasts heathland and endless meadows and fields, whilst the west surprises the tourists with its sandy dune landscapes stretching for kilometres. Scattered over the whole island, picturesque places like Keitum and Kampen delight visitors with thatched houses and lovingly planted front gardens. On the L 24 road along the west coast in the direction of Rantum to the legendary Sansibar, a further driving assistance system in the S-Class Coupé provides considerable support for the driver.

The diversity of landscapes draws many holidaymakers to Sylt each year.

With Active Lane Keeping Assist the road markings are constantly registered by the system. Vibrations warn the driver when the vehicle unintentionally crosses the solid line and failure to react will lead to one-sided braking in order to keep you in lane. On arrival, the name of the game is enjoying culinary delights and the relaxing murmur of the waves: switching off and enjoying life to the full amid the breathtaking dune landscape.

The S-Class Coupé on its way to the picturesque villages on the island of Sylt.

Maximum safety.

Just as the peaceful North Sea island of Sylt radiates cosiness and tranquillity, the S-Class Coupé makes every journey a safe experience. PRE-SAFE® PLUS extends the functions of the anticipatory occupant protection system PRE-SAFE® by implementing protective measures when a dangerous situation involving traffic travelling behind the vehicle arises.

It can detect an impending rear impact and warn following vehicles by switching on the rear hazard warning lights at high frequency. If the risk of a collision persists, the system can keep the vehicle braked at a standstill before a rear impact in order to minimise the danger of whiplash injury by reducing the impact-induced forward jolt.

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