• It’s Tea Time in the S-Class.

    It’s Tea Time in the S-Class.

Fit & Healthy one step further.

On the “Mercedes-Benz Tech Day” as a part of the CES Asia, for the first time a concept car with China-exclusive functions was presented. The “Fit & Healthy” concept, already known from the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, was expanded by four applications. Comfort systems such as fragrance, massage, ambience light, ionization, air-conditioning and 4D sound exciter, which transmits sound via mechanical transducers, thus becoming a “physical sound experience”, are combined with each other in order to actively relieve stress, regenerate and improve the concentration in the car.

Well-being inspired by traditional Chinese medicine.

This holistic comfort and infotainment system has now been supplemented by the three-minute programme “Harmony” specially developed for China. The goal is to strengthen body and mind as well as to balance both of them. This includes a stimulating 4D sound massage, corresponding ambience light as well as ionization. A far Eastern atmosphere is produced by stimulating sounds of the Chinese “Guzheng”, also known as the Chinese zither. Inspired by the Chinese sounds, the animation creates a soothing and friendly atmosphere in violet and purple colours, in which body and mind can find new inner strength. In the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) water corresponds with the two body organs kidney and urinary bladder, which according to this approach store life energy. The holistic concept is complemented by the appropriate ambient light, aligned according to Chinese colour theory and symbolically assigned to the water.

“Who drinks tea forgets the noise of the world.”

The tea culture in China is the oldest in the world and deeply rooted in society. To offer someone a cup of tea is an expression of appreciation and honour. The “Gong Fu Cha” tea ceremony is a particularly high priority, expressing the perfection with which a cup of tea is prepared for an honourable guest. In addition, the philosophy of tea plays a vital role in balancing body and mind as well as finding the path to inner peace and empowerment. Following this approach, the passengers of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class “Fit & Healthy” can enjoy a tea ceremony on request at the end of the “Harmony” programme.

Creativity thanks to Cross-Culture.

The concept has been thought through to the last detail by the German-Chinese project team: The tea service, including the associated tools, such as a tea tong made of high-quality bamboo, was specially designed for the concept car in the Beijing Design Studio and handcrafted out of Chinese Zisha clay. The high-quality black clay is particularly suitable for the preparation of a perfect cup of tea as the material allows a full aroma unfolding.