Patrick Vogel installing a high-performance Mercedes-AMG engine.

The man behind the AMG engine.

Patrick Vogel is the AMG technician whose name is written on the engine plate of Sidney Hoffmann’s new Mercedes-AMG C 63. Using a video he shows the TV host and fast car expert how his engine was assembled.

Mercedes-AMG C 63:

Fuel consumption combined: 8.4-8.2 l/100 km;

combined CO₂ emissions: 195-192 g/km.*

The Mercedes-AMG engine plate with Patrick Vogel's signature.

“Please contact me”.

Mercedes-AMG has a won another prominent customer: Sidney alias “Sid” Hoffmann, the petrolhead also well-known from the German TV series “Die PS Profis”, bought himself his first Mercedes-AMG vehicle recently. The vehicle in question is a brand new Mercedes-AMG C 63, whose engine was manufactured according to the philosophy “One Man – One Engine”. Thus, we find an engine plate with the name “Patrick Vogel” on Sidney’s engine. However, the name alone isn’t enough for the curious fast car expert – no, Sidney wants to meet Patrick personally and take time out over a “cuppa” to ask him a few questions about the manufacture of his Mercedes-AMG engine. Using the phrase “Please contact me”, Sid uses a YouTube appeal (only available in German) to search for the engine installer.

Passion from Affalterbach.

Sidney’s search is successful: Patrick Vogel feels honoured to be invited by the well-known car customiser. Unfortunately, Patrick is too busy: the next AMG engine stands ready for assembly. However, the young engine installer takes the time to record a short video response direct from the engine plant. In it, he shows Sid the first steps in the assembly of an AMG engine before he finally attaches the plate with his name on at the end of the process. The dream of getting together over a cuppa and chatting about fast cars didn’t, unfortunately, come true in the end for Sid but, even so, the message from Affalterbach is loud and clear. The “One Man – One Engine” philosophy is not only a unique seal of quality for the engines leaving the plant in Affalterbach.

Patrick Vogel installing a high-performance Mercedes-AMG engine.

It is also a statement about the passion AMG employees feel every time one of their vehicles is built.

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