The new V-Class fully convinces on a road trip through the Alps (Photo: Philipp Rupprecht).

Five participants, 1110 kilometres, the new V-Class, and one passion.

The four-day photo shoot with the new V-Class in the Alps will give the automobile enthusiasts all their money’s worth.
A short break anyone? The new V-Class on the photo shoot in the Prealps (Photo: Daniel Böswald).

Road trip through the Alps.

9.30 am. A sunny morning in Stuttgart. There is a feeling of anticipation in the air – that exciting feeling of only having a slight inkling of what will happen in the next few days. Four car photographers and one travel blogger are waiting spellbound for the start of the four-day Mercedes-Benz photo shoot of the V-Class in the Alps, which will take them on an 1110-kilometre road trip from Stuttgart across the Alps and back. On this adventure the journey is the destination, because the participants are tasked with capturing the new V-Class in an idyllic scenery and reporting about it upon their return. The five share a common passion for dynamic cars and breath-taking landscapes. Being able to combine both things seems like a dream come true, to be experienced in the coming days.


The journey is the destination.

The journey begins. The first day takes the participants from Stuttgart toward Munich, where they set up their photo equipment for the first time to shoot the V-Class in the rural setting of Bavaria’s picturesque pre-Alpine lakes. Vivid, green meadows, forests, and vast expanses provide a direct contrast to the powerful motorised subject. The V-Class combines the traits of elegance and functionality in ideal fashion, which the car photographers expertly put in the limelight. The photo journey continues from the Prealps through the mountainous landscape to Kitzbuehel in Austria, the destination of the first leg of the road trip. The V-Class impresses on the winding Alpine roads with absolute perfection: a total of eleven driving assistance systems, based on innovative camera, radar and ultrasound sensors, make every journey an extremely comfortable and safe experience.

The V-Class on a scenic route in the Alps (Photo: Philipp Rupprecht).

A feast for the eyes.

Day Two gets off to an early start. The photo shoot participants are in store for 170 kilometres through picturesque landscapes on the way to Cortina d’Ampezzo in South Tyrol, a journey on which keep a keen photographic eye. Always on the lookout for the perfect shot, the ideal backdrop, which will grant the V-Class a scene befitting its status. The journey presents a number of challenges that the people mover more than merely rises to. Serpentine roads winding around impressive mountain formations and tight switchbacks become a breeze thanks to Lane Keeping Assist. The V-Class also comes as standard with Crosswind Assist, which at the lofty heights of the road trip through the Alps defies strong gusts of crosswind and ensures safe travel.

Smooth sailing for the new V-Class (Photo: Daniel Böswald).

The small community of Cortina d‘Ampezzo in the Italian Veneto region is located on an elevation of 1211 metres, and offers a view of the seemingly endless mountain panorama of the Dolomites. It is hard to imagine more beautiful surroundings to end an exciting day.

Snow-covered scenery in Vorarlberg, Austria seen through the windscreen of the V-Class (Photo: Stephen Reuss).

Multi-faceted adventure.

The following day takes the photo shoot participants to Lech in Austria. In conjunction with the automatic transmission, the V-Class is the only vehicle in its segment that comes with the AGILITY SELECT switch, which lets drivers choose from four transmission modes at the push of a button: comfortable, sporty, economical, and manual. As a result, nothing stands in the way of captivating driving pleasure on the deserted scenic Alpine roads. Upon arriving in Austria, new weather conditions take the five participants by surprise. Sudden snowfall makes for another, unexpected highlight. The winterly landscape provides an entirely new scenery for the subject of the photos, which the photographers immediately take advantage of. And the driving experience is also completely different in a flash: on the wet roads the V-Class from Mercedes-Benz is able to demonstrate traction and directional stability.

Quitting just as it's getting really good. After four exciting days the photo shoot participants start on their return journey to Stuttgart with the V-Class (Photo: Daniel Böswald).

Elegant marvel of space.

The end of the exciting and entertaining road trip through the Alps is drawing near. On the fourth and last day it is time for the photo shoot participants to back their bags and return to Stuttgart. Thanks to the generous space the V-Class offers, stowing the luggage and photo equipment is a cinch. The elegant marvel of space offers a maximum of stowage space and flexible use of the space in the interior, making it the perfect companion for travelling with lots of luggage.

For the automobile enthusiasts the time has now come to part and to enjoy the power and dynamic spirit of the V-Class one last time on the way home.

V 250 BlueTEC:

Fuel consumption combined: 6.0 l/100 km;

combined CO₂ emissions: 157 g/km.*

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