Keep your engine at the top of its game for longer.

The engine is the heart of your Mercedes-Benz. To keep it running along with your vehicle over a long life span, all its components are optimally tuned to one another – from spark plug to engine air cleaner, through to the fuel and oil filters and all the way to antifreeze and the V belt.

Those who build engines also know how to keep them in good shape: with Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil and genuine oil filter. The fully synthetic oil optimises their output figures, provides reliable lubrication for every circumstance and, in combination with the oil filter, extends engine life. It reduces consumption and protects the environment. Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil was specially developed for Mercedes-Benz engines – by the experts who built your engine: made by us. This also enhances your engine's safety.

The only oil containing Mercedes-Benz know-how.

Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil is an oil that combines innovative power and many years of experience on the parts of our scientists and engineers. It is made of particularly powerful components and additives and even exceeds standard quality requirements.

The engine oil’s most important task is reducing the mechanical friction between movable and fixed engine components. In the engine compartment there are significant forces from friction and pressure and as a result of the combustion process the temperatures are extremely high. Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil is optimally adapted to these stresses which means it provides the conditions necessary for a longer engine life span.

Our oil ensures that your Mercedes engine can reliably operate in every season and under all weather conditions. In order to do this the oil needs to retain its flow and lubricating characteristics so that it reaches the engine immediately after it starts and protects it effectively. It cannot be viscous or solid when it's cold. In particularly high temperatures the loss from evaporation needs to remain as low as possible. These challenges are ones that Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil handles flawlessly, allowing for perfect lubrication characteristics in temperatures ranging from minus 30 to plus 260 degrees Celsius.

Experience more safety.

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