A TV-Spot-Set of Mercedes-Benz

20 years of the Sprinter: making of the campaign film.

A short film showing the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as a reliable team player working away in the background.

Everyone celebrates, one drives.

Everyone celebrates, one drives: the Sprinter. This is the slogan behind the campaign to mark the 20th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz’s iconic van. And this is exactly how it is presented in a 69-second film by director Jürgen Nerger: the setting is a music festival. A single camera pans from the concert hall to the backstage area. We see a rapturous audience, the star strutting his stuff on the stage, busy technicians behind him – but in the film, they all are “frozen”.

The new Sprinter of Mercedes-Benz.
A band member in front of the new Mercedes-Benz van.

The team player behind the scenes.

Only one thing is moving: the Sprinter. As the camera pan comes to an end, focusing on the Sprinter: a band member just about manages to get out of the van before it drives off again. Dedicated team players like the Sprinter have no time for celebrating themselves or their work – after all, there are plenty of things to be done elsewhere.

From Hollywood to Bucharest.

Steadicam operator Peter Cavaciuti is well known in Hollywood: his latest projects have included “Dracula Untold” and “Thor”. For his perfect tracking shots, he needs maximum concentration and a film set that can be controlled completely. This was provided to Cavaciuti in Eastern Europe: apart from the driving scenes, everything was recorded at MediaPro Studios in Bucharest.

Two band members who making funny faces.

Two days of shooting and 450 extras in the studio were required in order to pay tribute to the Sprinter in this way. Celebrating what it is and has always been: a reliable team player working tirelessly behind the scenes.

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