• Official press image of a black AMG MB 100 D

    A futuristic legend – The MB 100 D by AMG.

    The history of the AMG MB 100 D is shrouded in mystery – as well as the question whether the experts from Affalterbach have modified the rapid transport in the first place. The answer is: Yes, and how!

AMG turns pick-up truck into attractive MPV.

It is a mystery and a legend: the AMG MB 100 D. Those who still own such a van today, hold a true rarity. In 1989, the experts from Affalterbach had performed magic and turned the modest MB 100 D into an attractive MPV.

“AMG took up the challenge by presenting an exclusive vehicle for a field of application that went far beyond that of a delivery van,” stated the January issue of the “AMG-Aktuell” magazine at the time.

AMG MB 100 D from diagonally behind

A transporter that makes passers-by turn their heads.

But what was the challenge exactly? The MB 100 D, lovingly nicknamed “cutter”, was built in the Spanish plant in Vitoria-Gasteiz from 1988 to 1995. The predecessor of the Vito was equipped with an extremely robust, aerodynamically fine-tuned car body – and underwent an extensive luxury treatment. The result was an MPV with a futuristic look that would make passers-by turn their heads. This was due to such distinctive exterior features as the 15-inch alloy wheels, for example.

Confident exterior – exquisite interior.

Apart from a front spoiler bumper, side sills and a modified rear valance, the modified car body also comprised fender extensions and a dynamically designed dual headlight grille. The latter not only gave the rapid transporter a distinct and confident appearance, but thanks to the so-called bi-focal system also ensured better on-road illumination.

Cockpit of an AMG MB 100 D with AMG instrument panel
The interior oft he AMG MB 100 D with seats out of Alcantara leather.

Improved diesel engines in two options.

Significantly, AMG offered two variants of optimized diesel engines with turbochargers. The smaller 2.4l four-cylinder gave the black luxury craft 72 kW (72 PS). The larger 3.0l five-cylinder gave the van a full 93 kW (75 PS). The basic price for the MB 100 D was around 37,620 German marks (about 19,500 euros) – including power steering and nine seats. Those who chose the complete package as offered by AMG were able to more than double the value of their versatile rapid transporter to up to 95,000 German marks (about 48,500 euros) – and enjoy plenty of room and seating comfort on short and long trips to boot.

An interior of the finest quality thanks to leather and carpet.

Upon request, the experts from Affalterbach endowed the nine-seater with a two-tone special finish in pearlescent grey or blue-black metallic. In the interior, the rapid transporter afforded its passengers the most refined luxuries:

AMG upgraded the seats, side panels and the practical folding tables with premium soft leather. They were also happy to comply with individual requirements such as a video or telephone system.

Seats of an AMG MB 100 D

Green-tinted windows protected passengers from prying eyes.

Optionally, a fine AMG carpet could be fitted in the interior. During longer trips, a special stereo system provided the finest listening pleasure, while green-tinted windows protected the passengers of the AMG MB 100 D from prying eyes. Another special feature: the AMG dashboard which included, among other things, a speedometer with enhanced scale.

Special equipment.

By the way, the AMG rims, specially made for the AMG MB 100 D, were added to the special equipment programme for standard vehicles when the rapprochement between Daimler Benz AG and AMG come about. This is also the reason why two different types of rims were created for the AMG MB 100 D: the first series with the original AMG logo and since 1990, when the Daimler-Benz AG officially began to cooperate with AMG, a modified version of the alloy rims with the typical Mercedes-AMG stripes. From January 1999 onwards, DaimlerChrysler had a majority stake in AMG for the first time, followed by its complete takeover and integration in 2005. In the early 1990s, some DTM (German Touring Car Masters) teams who relied on Mercedes-Benz, were also using the AMG MB 100 D rapid transporter as a team car.

An AMG MB 100 D as team vehicle in racing