• The Vito Panel Van from Mercedes-Benz in an evasion test: thanks to ADAPTIVE ESP it remains stable and safely on the road even during extremely evasive maneuvers

    ADAPTIVE ESP a standard in all Mercedes-Benz vans.

    The full scope of safety: with the ADAPTIVE ESP from Mercedes-Benz as a standard feature, the Citan, Vito and Sprinter stay on track even in critical driving situations.

Stability on the road thanks to ADAPTIVE ESP.

The ADAPTIVE ESP electronic stability program serves to stabilize the vehicle in critical driving situations. A standard feature in all Mercedes-Benz vans, it also takes into consideration the vehicle load, for example. Not only that: in order to keep the van safely in the lane at all times, the assistance system permanently monitors and analyses the current data. This includes the speed of each individual wheel along with the lateral and longitudinal acceleration. When the data deviates from the setpoint, ADAPTIVE ESP intervenes with specific measures designed to handle the dangerous situation.

The standard ADAPTIVE ESP in the Citan, Vito and Sprinter includes the ABS anti-blocking system, ASR traction control, EBV electronic brake force distribution, the BAS brake assistant, the Load Adaptive Control LAC, Roll Over Mitigation and Roll Movement Intervention ROM/RMI along with the Enhanced Understeering Control EUC. Vito and Sprinter with a towing hitch or corresponding preparation are also equipped with the Trailer Stability Assist (TSA) as a standard feature.

The Citan from Mercedes-Benz is also equipped with innovative safety and assistance systems such as the ADAPTIVE ESP

Innovative safety functions in the Citan.

All of the Citan models feature the innovative driving dynamics control ADAPTIVE ESP, which combines the functions of the ABS anti-blocking system, EBV electronic brake force distribution, MSR engine braking control, VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) over and under steering control along with the TCS Traction Control System. In addition, the vehicle also includes ASR traction control along with the drive and braking moment control. In exceptional cases, the driver can deactivate the ADAPTIVE ESP at the press of a button, for example when driving up snowy inclines. However, the system automatically reactivates if the vehicle enters an unstable state or exceeds the speed of 50 km/h.

Exemplary braking safety in the Sprinter.

In the Sprinter, ADAPTIVE ESP is also a standard feature and ensures exemplary safety. The latest generation includes additional functions. For example, the new “Brake Disk Wipe” applies slight braking pressure during rain and in wet conditions to remove the film of water from the brake disk. This ensures maximum braking performance even in heavy rain. ADAPTIVE ESP in the Sprinter includes another feature, the “Electronic Brake Prefill”. If drivers abruptly remove the foot from the accelerator, the electronic stability program interprets this as an upcoming braking maneuver. The system reacts by gently placing the brake pads against the brake discs, significantly reducing the reaction time in the event of braking.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with a large trailer during an evasion test