• The new Sprinter drives through the city

    Always fresh – The new Sprinter as a refrigerated and insulated van.

    Efficient and functional solutions for refrigerated and insulated bodies. Whether bread rolls or ice cream: the new Sprinter transports practically everything freshly cooled or piping hot.

The new Sprinter provides mobile and ice-cold delivery.

The reliable partner for every delivery service, the new Sprinter is designed to meet a variety of different needs and also features technical innovations. Sprinter bodies from the Mercedes-Benz service partner Winter are convenient and come with an integrated cooling system. This eliminates the need for an additional roof mounting.

This makes the Sprinter from Winter especially aerodynamic and economical. The compressor-driven cooling system can reduce the temperature to 0° C. A waterproof floor pan and large loading dimensions enable the van to transport frozen goods with large volumes.

Refrigerated rental vans from Mercedes-Benz and Kerstner

Cool, functional and yet economical.

State-of-the-art technology needs space. The bodies for the new Sprinter from the Mercedes-Benz service partner Kerstner offer an exceptional amount of storage space. Pallets can be loaded into the Sprinter via the sliding door or the rear doors and can even be loaded crosswise. The roof-mounted cooling system has an aerodynamic design, making it especially fuel-efficient. In addition, the cooling system from Kerstner is also operational when the engine is switched off, enabling lower local pollutant emissions. The double seals in the cargo area doors ensure especially good insulation. A special covering consisting of a 100% recyclable polyurethane spray coat helps to keep the interior cool. The cooling system can be conveniently controlled and adjusted in the cargo area using the control panel.

Fresh delivery solution.

The Mercedes-Benz service partner Hahlbrock numbers among the leading providers of high-quality, fibre-glass reinforced plastic bodies. The vast range of customisation options and the high-quality workmanship guarantee excellent performance for all fresh delivery, deep-freeze, climate-controlled and hygiene vehicles.

Fresh buns stay warm with Hahlbrock
A cooling system of the new Sprinter 2018 from Kiesling

The new Sprinter – a “cool” van.

The Mercedes-Benz service partner Kiesling offers three different Sprinter variants with refrigerated bodies for cooled and fresh goods. Kiesling bodies are capable of temperatures as low as -18° C thanks to the flat evaporator with a high airflow. The Thermo King refrigeration units can handle a heat wave and are space-savingly mounted in the interior on the roof. The robust aluminium barley grain floor is carefully joined with leak-proof and HACCP-compliant welds. This makes the body especially easy to clean. Customers also have access to a Europe-wide, 24-hour service network that can handle all of their needs.