• The new Sprinter drives past a glass building.

    Connectivity continues the pioneering role of the new Sprinter.

    The third generation of the Sprinter focuses on connectivity. With the new “Mercedes PRO connect” infotainment system, the Sprinter plays a pioneering role in the large van segment.

Connectivity enhances productivity.

The revolutionary Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) is one of the most important new features in the third generation of the Sprinter. This includes the “Mercedes PRO connect” infotainment system with its strong focus on connectivity. It connects the driver with the vehicle, the vehicle with the Internet or an entire fleet of vehicles with a fleet manager. A range of newly developed digital tools enables both small and large companies to save time and costs and react dynamically to plan changes. This transforms the infotainment system in the new Sprinter into an integral part of the company’s value chain.

Interior view of the driver’s cabin in the new Sprinter with the infotainment system.
A hand using the touch function on the display of the Sprinter.

Intuitive controls via touch elements and voice.

A large 10.25-inch HD display forms the communicative heart of the Mercedes PRO connect interface. It is located in the centre of the dash panel and can be operated via touch function. Alternatively, the touch-capable control elements on the steering wheel can be used. Input via the newly developed voice operation is even more convenient. The new system reliably identifies colloquial speech such as “The fuel tank is empty” and responds with meaningful suggestions such as the location of the nearest fuel station and how much the fuel costs there.

The mobile office is always on board.

Mobile devices can be recharged using the advanced USB-C connections above and below the dash panel. Furthermore, the new Sprinter also provides wireless charging. A 12/115/230 V plug socket is also available to power a notebook. The heart of the communication module consists of an LTE-capable high-speed Internet connection. This can be used in combination with the Mercedes PRO connect services or as a hotspot for mobile devices. This ensures that the mobile office remains fully functional.

Detailed view of the various power connections for mobile devices.

An overview of everything from the van to the fleet.

Mercedes PRO connect offers both commercial and private users an array of value-added packages. Firstly, the system is capable of planning the vehicle’s service and maintenance work ahead of time in order to guarantee that the vehicle always remains in service. The fleet management tool is a second important feature. This enables the fleet manager to maintain a constant overview of the company’s vans.

He can monitor the routes in almost real time and send address changes, new jobs or messages to the vehicle. If the driver is not currently in the vehicle, he simultaneously receives this information via the smartphone app.

The address is entered manually via the touchscreen.

Advanced navigation and digital logbook.

The improved navigation in the new Sprinter is another major benefit. The Internet connection always keeps the map material up to date. The introduction of the “what3words” address system is a revolutionary advance in the industry. This system assigns every point on the planet three words, vastly simplifying inputting the address. Moreover, the journeys themselves can be automatically recorded in a digital logbook. This creates transparency and enables automated commercial analyses.

Smartphone instead of car key.

While driving, the new Sprinter gets to know its driver better. This enables the vehicle to provide effective suggestions for new destinations, contacts or radio stations. Vehicle remote control is also possible. For example, regardless of where the vehicle is located, it is possible to check whether a van in the fleet has been locked when parked. In addition, the fleet manager can also provide any desired employee with access to the van – even when the employee does not have a key. The vehicle is opened conveniently via app. This provides enormous flexibility for the shared use of vehicles.

The new Sprinter stops between two modern building complexes.
The new Sprinter crosses a bridge over a canal.

Complete solutions are the future.

The new MBUX in the Sprinter is based around a modular design enabling the features to be effortlessly adapted to the company’s specific needs. The consistent updates will constantly improve and expand the scope of the tools even after the vehicle has been purchased. The infotainment system gives the new Sprinter a face and a soul, explains the product manager, Philipp Wex. With its new connectivity functions, it represents an integrated mobility solution unique worldwide in the large van segment.