• A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 6x6 and a Unimog drive in off-road terrain over hills.

    Duel of the all-wheel giants – Sprinter 6x6 vs. Unimog 4x4.

    Their environment begins where sealed roads end. The Sprinter 6x6 and the Unimog 4x4 are true all-terrain vehicles and tackle extreme terrain in our clip.

    Photos: Felix Schwarz

Unimog – at home on every terrain.

The “Universal Motor Platform” Unimog is a problem solver par excellence. Developed for agricultural usage 70 years ago, the all-wheel drive vehicle has developed into a popular universal talent for a vast range of different jobs. Yet all of the model variants have one thing in common: they can handle difficult terrain, treacherous surfaces and are at home beyond the bounds of sealed roads. The Unimog reigns supreme where other vehicles fail. In the terrain endurance test the Unimog model U 5030 compedes. It was developed by Hellgeth, provides even more performance, comfort and terrain capabilities than its standard counterpart and can handle even the most difficult conditions.

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog drives around a bend and whirls up sand
The Sprinter 6x6 drives over a hill and whirls up sand

Sprinter 6x6 – the versatile exotic.

The Sprinter 6x6, built by Oberaigner, is almost unstoppable. Permanent all-wheel drive, a raised air intake and special off-road tyres make the van a true all-terrain vehicle. The entire underbody around the exotic 6x6 powertrain has been redesigned and is robust enough to handle the demanding conditions of even the most difficult terrain. The increased payload of up to four tonnes enables the van to be fitted with almost any imaginable body design – from a classic flatbed with a high payload to a fully equipped fire-fighting vehicle for inaccessible regions.

A duel between the superlatives.

Shooting this extreme test takes the camera team to an off-road park near Germany’s capital of Berlin. The location features sand, steep inclines and mud pits, creating a challenging environment in which vehicles can demonstrate their capabilities. Pyrotechnics experts create a powerful atmosphere along with an impressive backdrop using smoke effects. After dark, the team illuminates the scene with Bengal fire and flares so that the vehicles can keep on driving. The vehicles create an entertaining show as they tackle steeper and steeper inclines. Roaring engines echo through the otherwise quiet forest.

The Unimog on a mound in front of the sunset
The side door of the Oberaigner Sprinter 6x6 is splashed with mud all over

The king of the hill.

After two days of shooting, both vehicles have a real “off-road look”: the hoods, windscreens and wheel arches are covered in dirt and mud. But despite their hard-use look, neither the Unimog nor the Sprinter submit to the difficult terrain. In the end, both drivers are satisfied because they tested their off-roader under really extreme conditions. Now they know that they can fully rely on their vehicle.

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