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    For all terrain: the Vito 4x4 and Sprinter 4x4 all-wheel drive vans.

    Powerful mobility: the 4ETS technology from Mercedes-Benz offers superior traction, driving stability and braking for the Sprinter and Vito.

Equipped for even the most difficult conditions.

Whether slippery surfaces or steep declines – you can always rely on the Sprinter 4x4 and Vito 4x4 all-wheel drive vans. Even steep tilts and extremely high passes are no obstacle at all for the two vans from Mercedes-Benz. Commercial use demands excellent traction where jobs involve muddy construction pits, uneven terrain, snow and ice. Yet the Sprinter 4x4 and the Vito 4x4 remain effective and safe even under difficult conditions. While the all-wheel drive Sprinter is the uncontested innovation leader among the 3.5 tonne vans, the Vito is actually the only mid-size van available with permanent all-wheel drive. The 4ETS traction control is fully integrated into the ADAPTIVE ESP electronic stability program. This enables 4ETS to optimally supplement the existing functions of the standard safety systems by preventing yawing movements around the vertical axis, significantly improving driving stability as a consequence. The traction control not only reduces the automatic locking among the axles but also prevents the brake system from overheating. A control light signals these functions to the driver. Naturally, the Vito 4x4 and Sprinter 4x4 also retain the other functions of the ADAPTIVE ESP such as the ABS anti-blocking system, ASR traction control, EBV electronic brake force distribution, the BAS brake assistant and the AAS start assist.

Vito 4x4: the compact all-wheel drive van.

The Vito 4x4 is equipped with permanent all-wheel drive, enabling it to handle even the most difficult conditions. With manageable dimensions, highly dynamic handling and agility, the van is exceptionally flexible and responsive. The Vito 4x4 adapts to the situation and provides optimum traction within milliseconds. The drive technology of the Vito 4x4 is based on a rear-wheel drive with a converter automatic transmission and electronically controlled power distribution. The technology is closely related to the all-wheel drive systems in Mercedes-Benz cars. If one or more wheels lose traction, the 4ETS brakes the wheels individually and distributes the power to the wheels with good traction. The system delivers the same effect as three differential locks.

All-wheel drive on demand: the Sprinter 4x4.

The Sprinter 4x4 also demonstrates its capabilities on any terrain: the all-wheel drive system can simply be activated as needed. Pressing a button in the cockpit is all you need to do and the 4ETS electronic traction control takes over. The driver only needs to steer and carefully control the power. The Sprinter 4x4 effortlessly handles even extreme mountain ascents.

The optional Downhill Speed Regulation DSR is also activated via a button and maintains a constant speed when driving downhill. Faster or slower? The driver controls the speed using the cruise control lever.

Even better traction in extreme situations.

For easy hill starts, the Sprinter 4x4 offers two powerful optional extras: the Hill Start Assist plus all-terrain tires with a block tread pattern that can handle almost any incline. There are even more options for enhancing torque and traction: the Sprinter 4x4 features the “Low Range” off-road extra, the optimum addition for extremely steep terrain and frequent maneuvering. The additional reduction gearing is activated at the press of a button and decreases the translation by 42%. “Low Range” provides the highest possible mechanical toughness through straight toothing and an especially robust design.