Million Miles Vito - The loyal companion.

The vast expanses of South Africa, strands of clouds span the sky and often there is no one within kilometres. When the undertaker, Zac Letsoalo, receives a call, he leaves the pulsing city of Johannesburg in his Vito and travels to places where time moves at its own pace. His company specializes in repatriations within Africa. His travels often take him along lonely highways, sandy tracks and gravel roads. For more than 1,000,000 km, his van has been his reliable partner. “I’ve been doing the job for almost 15 years and in the beginning it felt a little strange to spend hours driving around with this kind of ‘freight’. But you get used to it – These days I can thoroughly appreciate the quiet during these journeys”, he says with a smile, before driving off and leaving behind only a cloud of dust.