• The new Sprinter is driving on a country road

    The new Sprinter for courier and delivery services.

    The highest flexibility and efficiency – courier drivers need to be able to rely on their vans. The new-generation Sprinter is the optimum partner at your side.

Courier runs with the transformation artist.

The new-generation Sprinter is a true transformation artist and allows a huge variety of options. New features such as the front-wheel drive and digital networking vastly simplify work for courier fleets. For example, the fleet manager and drivers can exchange messages sent directly to the vehicle via smartphone app. The analysis options offered by the new Sprinter also optimise courier services – this enables, for example, the digital logs of different drivers to be compared.

The new Sprinter as a CEP vehicle
The new Sprinter 2018 also delivers flowers and plants

Fast, safe and spacious.

The numerous body options for the new Sprinter generation simplify and optimise the courier business. Regardless of whether heavy pallets, hundreds of packages or bulky bicycles are transported: the bodies of the Mercedes-Benz service partners are designed to enable logistics companies to work efficiently. Rapid work processes, load securing and cargo space are essential.

Sophisticated solutions for complex tasks.

The lightweight bodies from the Mercedes-Benz Partner Junge feature weight-optimised aluminium l-beams and offer particular fuel economy. Sophisticated details such as the wind deflector help with economic transport and simultaneously serve as an advertising platform. The telescoping ladder helps when things have to go quickly. It simplifies loading and simultaneously includes a space-saving roller shutter.

The new Sprinter with construction by Junge.
Module system provides practical Sprinter upgrades

Extensive storage options.

The Mercedes-Benz partner Modul-System offers an optimum storage solution with folding storage trays. If larger objects have to be transported from time to time, this enables the entire floor surface to be used. The light partitions make excellent organisation possible without weighing down the vehicle. A sliding door between the cabin and the cargo area allows regular monitoring of the load and can also be equipped with an optional lock.

Flexible space usage thanks to optimum load securing.

Load securing is also a key focus of the Mercedes-Benz partner Sortimo International. The special SoboGrip floor is only nine millimetres thick but especially light and economical. The integrated ProSafe lashing points can secure a load weighing up to 200 kilograms and ensure optimally positioned load securing – even for bulky goods. The ProSafe straps from Sortimo can also be attached to the Sprinter’s original lashing points, enabling exceptionally flexible load securing.

The Sprinter with expansion by Sortimo.