The Citan Tourer on tour at the streets.

The Citan Tourer: takes whatever life throws at it.

The campaign for the new Citan Tourer places the emphasis on family-friendliness.

The hardest job in the world: child’s play.

The ice-cream falls out of the cornet of a small girl sitting on the rear seat, a golden retriever shakes itself on the rear bench seat after a bath: scarcely any parent has not experienced – and feared – these and similar scenarios. The film for the new Citan Tourer campaign is full of such horrors, and conveys this: even a car like this cannot prevent them from happening – but it can cope with them! The message: “Takes whatever day-to-day life throws at it.”

Playing kids in front of the Citan Tourer.

At present the seven-seater is mainly well-known as an all-rounder that easily copes with the day-to-day workload of tradespeople, small businesses and service providers. It is rarely perceived as a potential family vehicle.

Playing kids in front of the Citan Tourer.

Costs neither nerves nor the earth.

The new campaign sets out to change this: by using the theme that a seven-seater like the Citan Tourer not only offers stowage space for children and their toys. Instead, that the robustness the Citan shows even under the toughest working conditions is also an advantage for families. As is the affordable price. At the same time the Citan Tourer leaves hardly any wish unanswered when it comes to efficiency, comfort and safety.

Well-equipped for the day-to-day battle.

To establish this positioning, the communication bravely departs from familiar patterns in the picture material: because in advertisements the Citan is not depicted as expected, as a docile family car, but makes its impact in scenarios almost resembling a street fight. On closer inspection it turns out that only children are giving free rein to their playfulness, however.

For positioning purposes, Mercedes-Benz uses an unusual pictorial theme for a family vehicle.

And whatever comes – the Citan Tourer is the centrepiece, not merely a bit-player, as a dependable and steadfast rock.

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