• The new Sprinter drives through a barren mountain landscape

    The new Sprinter generation handles even the most extreme conditions.

    The Sprinter has to function reliably even in the most gruelling heat and freezing cold. The van is tested to the limit in extensive trials.

Taking the Sprinter to the boundaries of what is possible.

Mirko Bänisch from Development at Mercedes-Benz Vans is responsible for the testing and approval of the Sprinter. Working with his team, he puts the new features to the test under extreme conditions. In Andalusia and Sweden, the Sprinter was exposed to extreme temperatures from -30° to +50° Celsius.

But that is not enough: An array of additional trials put the van to the test and included a mountainous ascent with a fully loaded vehicle and trailer. “In situations like this, it is essential that the vehicle’s safety systems work to prevent failure”, explains Mirko Bänisch.

Reliability and safety put to the test.

In addition to the component testing and validation, Mirko Bänisch’s team is also responsible for the interaction of all of the various components in the entire vehicle. The measurement data obtained from the tests is analysed in depth and then used to carry out improvements on the vehicle. Using VR goggles, colleagues outside of the testing location can connect live and provide assistance, if necessary.

This ensures that the vehicle is suitable for a broad range of applications and functions reliably. After all of the tests have been completed successfully, the Sprinter is ready for the road and production is green-lighted.