• The new Sprinter transporting heavy materials

    The new Sprinter is the ideal partner for the construction site.

    Construction vehicles must be robust and flexible. The new Sprinter offers unmatched versatility in terms of its design options.

The new Sprinter for the construction sector.

The new Sprinter sets new standards in functionality and modularity: the existing low platform and tipper options along with different body lengths have been expanded with even more options. Now the Sprinter can be perfectly adapted to the diverse demands of the construction industry. Regardless of which body length, tonnage or cargo area height – the third Sprinter generation remains as reliable and robust as ever. Especially on difficult terrain as well as with heavy load, the proven rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive variants have now been expanded to include a front-wheel-drive version for the first time. The exceptional variability of the new Sprinter enables more than 1,700 different configurations.

The new Sprinter is parking in an industrial hall.
A Sprinter, equipped by Bott, offers a clearly laid out interior

A strong partner.

Work days on the construction site start early and no two days are the same. Regardless of the challenges: craftsmen, suppliers and construction workers all need safe transport and plenty of space for equipment, tools or construction materials. The right system partner, such as the Mercedes-Benz service provider Bott, successfully handles the balancing act between flexibility and robust construction. Bott configures customised solutions consisting of basic bodies along with special elements for load securing. The service partner’s repertoire includes extensive storage space thanks to Bott boxes or under-floor modules.

Secure and reliable on the construction site.

LogicLine is the right partner for unique modularity. Regardless of the transport task, the new Sprinter is both an attractive solution and fulfils all of the criteria for highest possible load security. The diverse body options with nine different transport boxes made of metal can handle nearly any weather and also provide plenty of storage space. Regardless of whether on the construction site, road construction or forestry – anyone working outside a lot should not have to forego comfort. The body variants from LogicLine fulfil all of these requirements with a low unladen weight.

The new Sprinter with tipper loader from the side
The new Sprinter with Sortimo bodies

Highly functional for heavy load.

Anyone searching for high-quality bodies need not forego economy. That is why the material mix of the Sortimo equipment is designed for low weight combined with maximum durability. This saves fuel and the cargo can be quickly and safely lashed down and stowed. Load securing equipment is absolutely essential in the event of accidents or braking and also when travelling downhill. Sortimo vehicle equipment not only offers particular safety but also the greatest strength.