• The new Sprinter

    The new Sprinter stands out with its intelligent infotainment system.

    With features such as the Connected Infotainment System in the new generation of the Sprinter, Mercedes-Benz heralds a new era for the user experience.

The Sprinter is becoming a “smart home” on wheels.

According to Philipp Wex, Head of Connected Infotainment and Vehicle Services, the infotainment systems in the new Sprinter serve as the interface between the driver and the vehicle. A multi-modular user interaction enables the interactive control of the steering wheel and displays. The new features and digital control options transform the Mercedes-Benz van into a “smart home” on wheels.

All of the functions in the new Sprinter can be controlled from a single location via smartphone or the infotainment system.

Developers talking in front of a screen showing the steering wheel of the Sprinter

Connectivity networks the driver and the vehicle.

By combining numerous new digital features, the third generation of the van is perfectly prepared for the networked world. The “PRO connect” connectivity solution functions as a fleet manager. A web-based service connects the fleet manager with the vehicles and drivers in the fleet via the vehicle management tool. The system includes services such as fleet communication, maintenance and accident management along with a digital logbook. “Connectivity enables fleet managers to remotely interact with the vehicle”, explains Philipp Wex.

MBUX sets new standards for the user experience.

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience system, or “MBUX” for short, is equipped with an HD resolution display and artificial intelligence enables it to learn. The system is controlled either via the elements on the steering wheel or the newly developed voice controls. “The touch function on the steering wheel and display along with the innovative voice control system enables drivers to focus their attention on their most important task”, says Philipp Wex, describing the experience.

An employee displays the Sprinter’s infotainment system on a graphics tablet