• The sprinter is on the road all over New York.

    The Sprinter in New York: A mirror of the city.

    The event organizer Riviera Caterers from downtown Manhattan delivers its services as though on a silver tablet with its two chromed Sprinter delivery vans.

The American Dream.

With its company Riviera Caterers the Cavitolo family from New York once again proves that the American dream can come true. Over the decades, the business idea born 111 years ago as a family-owned restaurant has developed into one of the most exclusive event planning companies in New York. The key to its success lies in Manhattan. Despite all of the extravagance, the mentality has always remained the same: pioneering spirit, hard work and a down-to-earth mentality.

The colorful lights of Times Square reflect on the silver Sprinter from Riviera Catering.
Riviera Caterer van in New York.

In the heart of Manhattan.

Now in its fourth generation the family business is managed by the founder's great-grandson Andrew Cavitolo and his friend and business partner Bobby Stern. Essential for their success: the two young entrepreneurs have managed to earn the privilege of hosting their parties in the city’s best locations in only a short period of time. This includes the famous nightclub “Marquee” in the Spring Studios, where the largest fashion shows in the city take place, or the 68th floor of the new “Four World Trade Centers”, 262 metres above the sea on the southern tip of Manhattan.


A family recipe: Solidarity.

The family Cavitolo has been cooking and serving guests for generations. The company’s values and knowledge have been passed down. That is why the enterprise is not just about work but, above all, about the solidarity and trust that characterizes the company. “The most important thing is that everyone is on board,” explains Andrew. “When we are all in harmony we can achieve any goal.”

Riviera Catering stands for high-quality cuisine and exclusive locations.

The Sprinters create a sensation.

The two vehicles that Riviera uses to transport the cuisine prepared in the kitchen in Brooklyn to the events are another success factor: two shining Sprinters “chromed” with reflective film. “The two Sprinters have had a major impact on our branding. Everyone in Manhattan knows us,” explains Bobby. “The reactions are priceless!”

Regardless of their extravagance, the two vans are perfectly designed for their work as event caterers. The spacious vehicles deliver the food fresh to the event where it can be served on location. Just in time. The modern delivery concept is a success reflected by numerous happy and satisfied guests. A true success story à la New York.