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  • Whether as a family car, skilled crafts and trades to retail, service providers, shuttle services and taxis - the Vito is one for all

    The Vito - the versatile professional with the star.

    A mid-size van that sets standards: The Vito from Mercedes-Benz combines a tough exterior and high-quality interior, maximum benefit and low costs.

One for all: The versatile Vito.

A tough exterior and high-quality interior, maximum benefit and low costs – The Mercedes-Benz Vito is the versatile professional in the mid-size van segment between 2.5 t and 3.2 t gross vehicle weight. The variety and variability of the panel van, Mixto and Tourer, make the mid-size Mercedes-Benz van a specialist and all-rounder for a wide range of customer groups. As the first van in the mid-size van segment, it offers three drive types as well as many innovative safety and assistance systems.

The impressive variability and versatility of the Vito by Mercedes-Benz

The right model for every requirement.

Whether as a family car, skilled crafts and trades to retail, service providers, shuttle services and taxis - the Vito is one for all. As the only model in its class, the Vito is available as a panel van, Mixto or Tourer in three lengths. The Vito Mixto featuring a crewcab, combines the advantages of a panel van with those of a crewbus.

Mercedes-Benz opens a new chapter in passenger transport with the Vito Tourer. It is divided into the highly functional and robust Vito Tourer BASE, the versatile Vito Tourer PRO and the high-quality Vito Tourer SELECT. Thus, the Tourer can be tailored to accommodate all types of passenger transport.


Design that is palpable.

The dominant radiator grill is framed by sharp, wing-shaped headlamps - Vito creates an assertive impression. The bonnet is dynamically swept. It flows over into the side wall with its two elongated and slightly extravagant contours. This results in very low wind resistance - which reduces fuel consumption and improves performance.

The Vito has a self-confident design that includes characteristic Mercedes-Benz style elements.

Two wheelbases, three lengths, up to four weight variants.

As the only vehicle in its class, the Vito panel van is available in three lengths: Vito Compact, Vito Long - with an extended rear overhang - and Extra - long, i.e. with a long wheelbase. Compared to its predecessor, the Vito has grown 140 mm in all three lengths.

This results in vehicle lengths of 4895 mm, 5140 mm and 5370 mm. The two wheelbases are 3200 and 3430 mm. The body width of 1928 mm (without mirrors) also barely surpasses the previous model and ensures for best handling even in cramped traffic conditions.

With lots of storage: the Vito from Mercedes-Benz is a real payload giant

Economical payload giant.

The Vito impresses with a whole bundle of top features: With up to 1369 kg of cargo capacity, it has the highest payload in its class, purchase price and maintenance costs are low. The certified consumption value of 5.7 liters of diesel per 100 km for the Vito 116 CDI BlueEfficiency and truck registration is unmatched in this vehicle category.

Three well-thought-out drives.

Anyone can get there. But it is the claim of Mercedes-Benz to go further. With the first vehicle in its class, the Vito is optionally available with rear-wheel, four-wheel or front-wheel drive. The correlation is clear: the front wheel drive is very light. When unladen or carrying only a light load, front-wheel drive offers better traction.

The proven rear-wheel drive is the right solution for all applications involving heavy weights, high towing capacities and exceptional driving dynamics. The all-wheel drive is required when high traction is also necessary under tough conditions or off-surfaced roads.

The Vito from Mercedes-Benz is available with manual and automatic transmission

Efficient shifting, fuel saved.

'Shift' or 'let shift' is a matter of taste in the Vito because both transmissions are excellently tuned to the respective engines, thus saving fuel. The standard 6-speed manual transmission is effortless to operate and precise. With the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission, the gears are changed quickly and almost imperceptibly.

Strikingly clear - and safe.

The essential safety elements are directly visible to the driver in the Vito. Characteristic for the Vito are triangular windows in the lower parts of the A-pillars. Also characteristic are the large exterior mirrors with their excellent field of vision. Both mirrors are characterized by an additional wide-angle section - an important support during lane changing and parking.

In the Mercedes-Benz Vito, Blind Spot Assist supports the driver to keep an overview when looking in the mirrors.
For the eight passengers who fit into a Mercedes-Benz Vito, there are also eight airbags

High level of safety – the Vito as benchmark.

The Vito sets new standards in terms of safety. As the only van in its class, the Vito panel van provides airbags and a seat belt reminder for driver and passenger. With a maximum of eight airbags for driver and passengers, the Tourer is benchmark in occupant protection by comparison with competitors. Safe, predictable handling characteristics both when empty and laden, precision steering and powerful disc brakes all-round - all this is a matter of course for the Vito from Mercedes-Benz.

Support in every situation.

The ADAPTIVE ESP safety package in the Vito is particularly comprehensive. Provided as standard this system for controlling driving dynamics includes anti-lock braking system (ABS), acceleration skid control (ASR), electronic brake force distribution (EBV), hydraulic Brake Assist (BAS), Hill-Start Assist, Load Adaptive Control (LAC), Roll Over Mitigation and Roll Movement Intervention (ROM/RMI) as roll-over protection, Enhanced Understeering Control (EUC), automatic brake disc wiping in wet conditions and anticipatory preparation of the brake linings in critical driving situations (Electronic Brake Prefill).

The Mercedes-Benz Vito awaits with an extensive safety package
The Mercedes-Benz Vito can park automatically on request

Innovative assistance systems as standard.

The new Vito's standard equipment includes tyre pressure monitoring and Attention Assist - it draws conclusions as to the driver's condition using more than 70 different measured variables. Unique to the mid-size van segment; Crosswind Assist is onboard as standard. Crosswind Assist virtually eliminates the effects of gusts acting on the vehicle. Crosswind Assist builds on the standard electronic stability program (ESP) and is activated from a speed of 80 km/h. Optional extras such as Headlamp Assist, Blind Spot Assist, rain sensor or electrically adjustable, folding and heated exterior mirrors support the driver with his work.

Take a seat and feel good.

Both the driver and the passenger can sit comfortably in the Vito and benefit from the increased space. The newly redesigned cockpit of the Vito is exemplary in terms of its functionality and ergonomics. Symmetrical in its fundamental form, the structure is clear and uncluttered for maximum operational safety. At the same time, the cockpit has an exceptionally high-quality look for this vehicle class. The surfaces are coordinated while the shine, structure, grain and join patterns are well thought out and harmonious.

The attention to detail becomes clear in the form and structure of the controls. All controls are within easy reach of the driver. The gear knob for the six-speed manual transmission is ready for the driver's right hand and resembles a joystick on the centre console. Clear, round dials are located directly in the field of vision with an informative display nestled between them.

Room for large and small items.

In the development of the cockpit an extensive storage concept has played a key role. After all, the Vito is both office and living space for many of its drivers. The three open stowage facilities at the top of the instrument panel catch the eye. These are useful for papers, clipboards, tablets and other items that need to be kept near to hand yet tidy. In addition, cup holders are also installed on the cockpit. Small items such as pens, coins or car park tickets can be placed in open stowage facilities in the centre console. A 12-volt socket is installed underneath. These are just a few of the numerous storage options offered by the Vito.

The Vito from Mercedes-Benz shines with a well thought out storage concept.
The seating of the Mercedes-Benz Vito with a quick-release attachment system is easy to use

Seating as varied as the usage.

One of the most exciting topics with the Vito Tourer is seating. This can be operated with an easy to use quick-release attachment system. Mercedes-Benz delivers the Vito for a wide range of applications in a multitude of variants. There is the Vito Tourer with two- and three-seat benches in the first row of the passenger compartment. The same choice is also possible in the second row of the rear. Numerous possibilities and combinations result from the varied seating configurations.

Always the right height.

The vehicle height of the panel van, Mixto and Tourer BASE is 1910 mm. The Vito Tourer PRO and Vito Tourer SELECT are only 1890 mm high. Consequently all variants are significantly below the important two-metre mark and therefore fit standard multi-storey/underground car parks and automatic car washes. Even with the optional roof railings, the height is clearly below this level. And as the radio antenna is integrated it can not hinder a car park entrance.

The vehicle height for the Mercedes-Benz Vito varies depending on the model
The reversing camera provides a clear view of the rear for the Mercedes-Benz Vito.

The right package for every requirement.

The Vito is available with numerous equipment packages. For example, the Lane Tracking Package, which includes the Blind Spot Assist and the Lane Keeping Assist. The Driving Assistance Package extends the Lane Tracking Package with COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST. If the Vito is intended for use in urban transport, the Parking Package, which combines the reversing camera and Active Parking Assist, is recommended. The mirror package with automatically dimmable interior and exterior mirrors and ambient illumination at night provides the driver with more safety and comfort.

Rental possible - thanks to CharterWay.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito is part of the rental fleet of the CharterWay program. The payload giant from Mercedes-Benz is available at CharterWay for a minimum period of 24 hours, but also with a lease agreement for weeks or months.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito is part of the rental fleet of the CharterWay program.
The Mercedes-Benz Vito in Spain

In case of breakdowns - covered throughout Europe.

With the Sprinter you are on the safe side in exceptional situations: The Mercedes-Benz MobiloVan program offers breakdown assistance with Mercedes-Benz quality throughout Europe - free of charge and around the clock.

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