• The Sprinter fleet from Velofix

    Velofix: The Sprinter as a mobile bicycle workshop.

    When the workshop comes to the cyclist: MYVAN tested the mobile bicycle repairs in the Velofix Sprinter in Vancouver.

The Velofix moment.

A picturesque Saturday morning in Vancouver in autumn – rays of sunlight gradually begin to peek through the early-morning fog blanketing the city. Suddenly a brightly red shining vehicle appears: it’s a Velofix Van! If you had a glance inside the vehicle, you would stare with amazement: the walls are covered with every imaginable type of Allen key, pliers and spare parts – all carefully sorted. The owner of the van, Boris Martin, expertly fits a bike into the holder also mounted on the side, offers his customer a coffee and asks him to take a seat. They find themselves in a mobile bicycle workshop!

A glance inside a Velofix Sprinter through the open rear doors
Three of the four Velofix founders in front of part of their Sprinter fleet

The right expertise.

In October 2012 Davide Xausa, Chris Guillemet, Simon Whitfield and Boris Martin came up with the idea of the “Velofix” business model – a mobile bicycle workshop. Each of the four enthusiastic cyclists has years of business and competitive cycling experience. And the success proves their concept: since beginning with only one Sprinter and a small team in January 2013, Velofix now has seven employees at the headquarters and 35 at franchise companies.

Save Time. Ride More.

Even the expansion into the USA worked out. Now you can also have your bicycle serviced and repaired wherever you want in Seattle, San Francisco or Portland. Orders are placed over the telephone or via the website. Customers can choose where they want their bike serviced.

Whether at home, at the office or at a cycling competition: Velofix aims to save its customers time and let them spend more time on their bikes rather than waiting for them. In keeping with the company’s philosophy: “Save Time. Ride More.”

View of the red-painted Velofix Van from the front right

Long version with super high roof.

The size of the vans is not a rarity in Canada and the engines ensure that they do their job quietly. The guys from Velofix truly appreciate the efficiency of the turbo diesel engines. Velofix uses the long version of the Sprinter with a super high roof as the foundation for their mobile workshops. This lets the bicycle experts and their customers move comfortably in the interior. In addition to coffee and free wireless, customers can also watch television while their bicycle is being serviced. The windows in the roof let in the daylight when working and also provide a view of the rust red treetops along the avenue.

Tour de France feeling.

After only 45 minutes Boris is finished with the bike. In addition to servicing the gear mechanism, he has also replaced the front wheel and renewed the brake pads. As a result, his customer easily arrives on time for the opening of Stanley Park at 9 o’clock. The park connects the Lions Gate Bridge with West Vancouver and forms the first leg of today’s tour. The experience of having one’s bike repaired by expert hands while losing almost no time at all creates a real Tour de France feeling.

A Velofix employee repairs a bicycle in a Velofix Sprinter