Owner operator Thomas Allen and his new Arocs concrete mixer.

“10 out 10!”

Owner operator Thomas Allen and his new Arocs concrete mixer.

Reliable haulage for Heidelberg Cement.

JR Allen & Son is a two-man company in the business of transporting concrete. Although Thomas Allen, who took over the running of the company from his father, also employs a second driver, the entrepreneur still likes to drive himself.

Owner operator Thomas Allen from JR Allen & Son.

The company operates two concrete mixers and transports cement on behalf of Hanson, a subsidiary of Heidelberg Cement, all around the Peterborough area, a 90-minute drive to the north of London.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4.

Put your heart and soul into doing your job.

His wife occasionally jokes that he spends more time washing and polishing his new Arocs than with the family. This is overstating the case as there is nothing the technology freak likes better than spending time playing Lego Technic with his two sons. Yet Thomas Allen is convinced that taking good care of his new Arocs certainly pays off, after all, as he says: “The truck is my new calling card and it looks great!” The entrepreneur likes to go the extra mile to ensure his business is successful: billing, taxes, accounting – he has plenty of paperwork to attend to alongside his main occupation as a driver.

Drive more efficiently, build more efficiently.

“The vehicle has outstanding fuel efficiency, uses less AdBlue® than our smaller Axor 6×4 and can manage 7.5 cubic metres of concrete in just one haul. On account of its payload alone, the four-axle truck earns us around £2,000 (around 2,500 euros) more in revenue per month than the six-wheeler. I also save on the road tax because the Arocs complies with the Euro VI emissions standard. The new Arocs is manoeuvrable and has an excellent all-round view. Apart from a powerful engine, it also features an automatic transmission system with clever driving programmes ideal for work on construction sites.”

JR Allen uses his New Arocs 8x4 to deliver cement.

Video with Thomas Allen on RoadStars.

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