An all-wheel-drive Arocs in the Australian outback.

Ayers Rock’n’Roll – Arocs in the Australian outback.

An all-wheel-drive Arocs in the Australian outback.
Photos: Craig Pusey

Down under tour.

The Aborigines call it Uluru. Outside of Australia, the more than 500 million year-old rock in the desert down under is known as Ayers Rock. But when the afternoon sun gives it its reddish shine and makes it look as if it’s on fire, names, numbers and facts suddenly fall by the wayside. Then, visitors begin to understand why Australia’s ancestral inhabitants honour it as a holy mountain.

The participants of a recent expedition also experienced this marvel through the dusty windscreen of their off-road vehicles as they arrived at Ayers Rock after completing a journey of more than 3,500 kilometres.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2645 6x6 with box body in the Australian outback.

Pure adventure.

Several thousand kilometres through Australia’s outback, predominantly on sand tracks and off-road terrain. An essential companion on the adventure is the Arocs 2645 6×6 with Offroad package and Aluca fittings. The 330-kW-strong all-wheel-drive truck is an expedition truck which will accompany the team from the start on the coast to the final destination of Ayers Rock. On-board are food and drink, and the convoy’s supplies will even be topped-up by an aeroplane sent deep into the barren outback. Also on-board the Arocs: tools and spare parts, medical equipment for emergencies, and an IT system which among other things provides an internet connection via satellite. Find out more at RoadStars.

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