A job for drivers with a vision: Gerwin

Crystal clear.

A job for drivers with a vision: Gerry Engert transports glazing.

Photos: Michael Neuhaus
Outstanding working conditions in the cab.

On tour with the Actros.

It’s a scene which could almost have been taken straight out of a guide book for the Upper Franconia region. Shining in the evening sun on the right-hand side is the Baroque-style Banz monastery. Directly opposite, the twin towers of the Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers rise high into the sky, as if beckoning to pilgrims. The broad valley below both of these cultural monuments from the 18th century is also home to the river Main. Just a few kilometres away, the A73 motorway runs parallel to the river and we’re soon in Bamberg, whose historical centre is unique in Germany and worthy of an entire chapter in a guide book.

Tight delivery deadlines.

“Yes, I notice how beautiful it all is here,” says Gerwin Engert, taking his foot off the accelerator of his new Actros 1845. “But my main focus is, of course, on the road and on the task at hand.” He’s already covered 370 kilometres. From Bamberg heading in the direction of the north east via Franconian Switzerland and the Franconian Forest, right into Vogtland in Saxony and then all the way back home.

New Mercedes-Benz Actros 1845 at Elflein.

The route wasn’t planned by a travel agent, but by a logistics planner at the Elflein Transport & Logistik company. And Engert, known to his friends as “Gerry”, has the task of reliably delivering the goods to the customer.

Almost exclusively glass.

The 46-year-old started today’s shift precisely on the stroke of 7.00 a.m. He loads his vehicle at Saint-Gobain Glaskontor GmbH which is just a brief ride from the Elflein yard in Bamberg’s harbour. His load: isolated window panes, which he secures against shocks onto a dozen transport frames. They completely fill the body and trailer of his 40-tonne drawbar combination. Using steel clips, Gerry fixes the frames in place on the load surface. “It’s quite an easy task for me because I mostly transport glazing, principally for window manufacturers,” explains the Bamberg-born driver.

On the forklift: at many of his customers' premises, Gerry Engert unloads the freight himself.
Mercedes-Benz Actros 1845 heading in the direction of Saxony.

Well-being at the workstation.

“Seriously, it’s a top truck!” says Gerry with a grin on his face a few minutes later on the road, heading in the direction of Saxony. “And it has a very clear dashboard layout, for example. All of the buttons seem to say: ‘Hey, I’m here, press me!’ Their layout is so intuitive.” Another plus point is the straight 6-cylinder engine. Not just because of its power and economy but also because of the sound. “Even after a long day at work, you don’t go home with a headache. The whole vehicle just makes me feel comfortable.” On the road with Gerry. Read more on RoadStars.

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