For the Farny beer brewery in Allgäu, drivers like Franz Weber are irreplaceable.

Greetings to the driver, Sir!

Photo: Walentin Vöhringer

Direct contact with the customers.

Franz Weber calls this region “The Promised Land”. His region. On the horizon, the Alps rise majestically with their snow-covered peaks glistening in the morning sun. The rich green of the meadows lights up the rolling hills where small villages nestle on the Württemberg side of the Allgäu. A picture postcard couldn’t look better. “Come back” is inscribed on the hand-carved signposts at the borders of the villages the Atego passes through. And there is no-one to whom that applies more than Franz Weber. Whether it is two assorted crates delivered to a small pub or the nearly 8,000 litres ordered by the large beer houses in Ravensburg, Franz brings the beer to the thirsty people of the Allgäu region.

Drinks logistics with the Mercedes-Benz Atego.
To reach the mountain inn

No path too steep.

The 51-year-old has been driving beer trucks at the Farny Edelweißbrauerei in Kißlegg near Wangen for twelve years. At Farny, driving a beer truck is much more than one would normally associate with the profession of a truck driver: Franz knows all his customers personally; he knows when the daughter is getting married and when the grandfather’s birthday is coming up. And Franz knows the world. But for him, there’s just no place like home: “I lived in the USA for seven years, but the Allgäu region drew me back again,” the father of four explains. In his home town of Ratzenried, he is a member of the local bagpipes group, he tells us before giving an entertaining lecture on the subject of kilts, tartan and the rehearsal evenings he has spent with the “Allgäu Scots”.

Tradition and technology.

Anyone having the pleasure of sitting next to him on one of his tours will find out from him, in his mischievous Alemannic dialect, where Karl-Heinz Riedle learnt to kick a ball as well as the life stories of anyone passing by, the kindergarden teachers, pensioners working in their gardens, and traffic wardens. Franz knows them all. And they all know him – and are happy to stop for a little chat. Sometimes, his services have even been required as a counsellor. For the Farny Brewery, Franz is something like the ideal “Foreign Minister” and a face which people associate with the beer. Established in 1833, Farny has now, not least because of its live-wire beer truck driver, developed into the market leader for wheat beers in the Lake Constance region, in Upper Swabia and in the Western part of Allgäu. Thirteen beers are brewed in Kißlegg – from the “Maskulator Doppelbock” to the “Alt Dürrener Weiße”.

At Farny brewery, importance is attached to the most modern brewing equipment and filling lines - everything is made of stainless steel.

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