78 metres, 550 tonnes, 960 kW and a whole lot of team spirit.

Heavy-duty planning.

78 metres, 550 tonnes, 960 kW and a whole lot of team spirit.

Photos: Christian Schmid

Take it slow.

Heavy load –  think powerful engines and yellow warning lights. But there is more to it than that. Without composure, experience and, above all, good team spirit, the transport of heavy loads is not possible at all. Cautiously, Marco depresses the accelerator. The rev counter climbs rapidly and ever so slowly, the heavy-haulage Actros starts moving. “Has anyone got an eye on the rear left?”, he asks over the radio. “Yeah – rear left is good”, comes the swift response from one of his colleagues. 78 metres, 550 tonnes and 36 axles roll out of the port in Glückstadt, Germany. To the left, fluffy lambs bounce around on the pastures in the springtime sunshine while the truck carries on straight for a few hundred metres – and the speed now feels really fast.

Tim, Daniel and Marco with project manager Olaf Weitz.

“We're doing 20 km/h now”, says Marco smiling. “But there’s room for more – we could manage 30 on these roads.”

50 tonnes of gross vehicle weight, 78 metres in length, 36 axles – heavy load transport on the road.

Between Glückstadt and Kümmerfeld.

“We’ll drive up the dyke, after that it’s back downhill with a left-hand bend and there are crash barriers to the left and right … Step on it, Tim!” The colleague in the second Actros at the rear of the heavyweight combination knows what he has to do, as do the three colleagues on the heavy load transport bridge. Tim accelerates. Together, the two powerhorses shift the 260 tonne transformer with transformer bridge and two 14-axle chassis at walking pace over the crest of the dyke.

Transport through the night.

They reach the outskirts of Neuendorf. “I’ve got a roundabout on special offer today. We’re sticking to the opposite side of the road”, Marco announces over the radio. The roundabout proves no problem. There are low-hanging traffic lights, branches, parked cars and roof overhangs of houses along the way, though. But the guys remain calm – the weather holds, the conditions are perfect and they’re enjoying the publicity: “People are standing in their front yards on ladders taking photos of us – amazing, isn’t it?”

Nighttime procession through small towns.

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