The new Sky Actros is the backstage lounge for international footballers and presenters when football matches are broadcast.

Home match.

The new Sky Actros is the backstage lounge for international footballers and presenters when football matches are broadcast.
Photos: Jan Potente

Feel-good zone.

“There are never quite enough jelly babies, unfortunately,” calls out Christoph Metzelder with a wink and a friendly prod in driver Ingo Burk’s side. “You again” laughs the chastised driver. Burk, whom everyone simply calls Ingo, is in his element as he hurries off to his Actros to replenish his supply of jelly babies. The entire Sky editorial team with Sebastian Hellmann, Wolff-Christoph Fuss and Jessica Kastrop crowds into the backstage trailer together with football experts Metzelder, Dietmar Hamann and former World Cup footballer Lothar Matthäus.

Quick snacks for the Sky Crew.
Ingo Burk in the Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart.

The game is the goal.

While some of those present are handed the latest statistics from the Opta database, others follow the Bundesliga afternoon football matches on the ten monitors on the wall. Here in Stuttgart there’s a little time to go yet, because kick-off for the VfB Stuttgart vs Mainz 05 game is at 6.30 p.m. Burk nimbly dodges through the crowds, replenishes the apple pies, and gathers the first empty plastic cups – on his suntanned bald head, beads of sweat are beginning to appear. Seven hours ago it was a good deal more peaceful in the shade of the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart. And then Burk came.

At 9.14 a.m. that same morning.

A short hoot of the horn brings some movement to the crowd of people. The stewards know. They – and all the others in the German Bundesliga business – know this striking silver-coloured Actros and its driver: Ingo Burk has arrived.

A parking space in the first row.

The rush for the television transmission can now really pick up speed. 52-year-old Burk carefully brings his Actros 1848 with its special trailer round to manoeuvre it into the parking space reserved for it.

Ingo Burk is an integral part of the team made up of Hamann, Hellmann and Lothar Matthäus.

5.16 p.m.: a team of professionals.

The experts, now in their full Sky outfit, go through the stadium tunnel to the Mercedes-Benz Arena turf. There, the “experts' desk” awaits them. Another eleven minutes until they go on air. Burk, too, casts a look around the stadium, which is slowly starting to fill up.

Suddenly presenter Hellmann jumps up: “Ingo come here, sit down for a while.” He doesn’t have to say that twice, Ingo quickly takes the free seat – there still has to be time for a joke, even two minutes before the game starts. From stadium to stadium aboard the Actros - read more at RoadStars.

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