50-tonne payload per trip – the Arocs proves itself in the Lapland winter.

In the Arctic Circle.

The Arocs proves itself in the Lapland winter.

Photos: Christian Schmid

Ore, Ice, Arocs.

In the rough north of Finland, just below the Arctic Circle, there is the largest chrome ore mine in Europe. Here in the snow and ice the new Arocs shows what it is made of. If you want to understand the Finns, you should take a look at Lapland. For example in Tornio. From the coastal town at the northern tip of the Gulf of Bothnia it is only about 90 kilometres to the Arctic Circle.

Right next to it, to the west, Sweden begins. The summers are short and the forests seemingly endless. Icy winds, frost and snow have the land in their grip for up to 200 days a year.

Four bucketfuls, then the two tippers are full.

50-tonne payload per trip.

“You want to know what makes us Finns what we are? Then look up there!” says Samuli Suorsa, pointing to the 14-percent hill in front of him. At the top you can see the silos he unloads his cargo into – 50 tonnes of chrome ore from a nearby mine.

And particular in icy, slippery conditions the journey is a real challenge for drivers and vehicles. “But with my Arocs I can be sure of managing the gradient easily in all conditions,” says Samuli.

The Arocs in the steel plant Outokumpu.

Working around the clock.

The silos are part of a steel works just outside Tornio. There the ore is used to make stainless steel. The Arocs drives up the ramp up to fourteen times a day. “We are on the job round the clock for five days at a stretch. Then the Arocs stands still for two days. We use that time for maintenance and servicing,” says Samuli.

Samuli Suorsa and his Arocs 3251.

He founded his own haulage company in 2005. Since then, he and his seven employees have been taking it in turns to drive back and forth between the mine in Kemi and the Outokumpu steel works in Tornio, in three shifts.

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