Inspection in Africa.

Inspection in Africa.

On the move with service engineers in Kenya.
Photos: Allan Gichigi

“Flying doctors”.

Africa’s roads can prove too much for even the best of trucks. The Mercedes-Benz Service Camp mobile mechanics have the task of preventing this. Trucks in which five brake cylinders are missing and even the only one still remaining is broken – “flying doctor” Jost Forchner and his team have seen a lot of things in Africa.

The extreme conditions there are punishing for man and materials: scorching heat, roads riddled with potholes ... Matching spare parts? Very hard to find. For truckers that means: improvise!

Jost Forchner, „Flying Doctor“ für Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Always nearby.

This is where Forchner and his Mercedes-Benz Service Camp colleagues come into play. “Our 12-strong team is always on the move. We stop wherever people need our expertise and the next qualified workshop would take half a day to reach,” Forchner explains.

Collins Karanga is on duty for the Service Camp in Africa.

'The fact that our free Service Camp is regularly available nearby is highly rated by our customers – the competition doesn’t offer that.' Take an exclusive look at the Service Camp – by watching the film on RoadStars.

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