From Mombasa to Kampala, Petrocity transports fuel throughout East Africa.

Keeping Africa moving.

Petrocity transports fuel throughout East Africa.
Photos: Allan Gichigi

On the safe side.

Driving more than 2,100 kilometres without stopping at a filling station? That’s no problem for the Actros trucks belonging to Aman Kurji, a freight haulier from Kenya – thanks to the special tank located directly behind the driver’s cab. Capacity: more than 950 litres of diesel. The extra fuel is urgently needed on most routes. The trips the trucks do take them across the whole of East Africa.

“Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo – those are our regional markets”, explains Kurji. In some regions of these countries, the diesel supply can be unreliable. That is why Kurji prefers to play it safe. “Our own fuel, our own depots, our own trucks” is his motto.

An Actros truck of Scarce Commodities, a subsidiary of Petrocity.

Fuel throughout East Africa.

Aman Kurji is the Managing Director of Scarce Commodities Limited. The company was set up in Mombasa in 2001, and it has two further branches in Kenya: one in Nairobi and one about 300 kilometres to the north-west in Eldoret – at an altitude of over 2,400 metres. There, one cool July morning, with an air temperature of 12 degrees, Kurji is inspecting the state of his trucks. He pays regular visits to the depots where his fleet is kept and enjoys chatting to the drivers.

Aman Kurji, Managing Director of Scarce Commodities Limited.

Scarce Commodities belongs to Petrocity Enterprises Limited, which specialises in the distribution of refinery products.

Driver Martin Mwai takes about two days for the journey through Kenya and Uganda.

Actros fleet.

Kurji operates more than 120 trucks for Petrocity and employs a staff of about 220. Roughly half of the fleet is made up of tried-and-tested Actros 3340 6×4 semitrailer trucks. This is the business model: “We provide a cost-effective supply chain for fuels from the port of Mombasa to every corner of East Africa, however remote”. His trucks keep the region moving. The valuable freight transported by his tanker trucks fuels the economy – and is secured by the latest GPS-enabled monitoring technology.

Driving forces you can rely on.

His robust trucks were specially built for the African market by Mercedes-Benz. They have reinforced leaf springs as well as adapted air and fuel filters to cope with difficult equatorial conditions.

Rush hour in Eldoret, Kenya.

“Importing used vehicles from England or from another right-hand-drive country was out of the question for me – I need new, reliable trucks especially equipped for the extremes of Africa”, says Kurji, explaining his decision. Watch the Video at RoadStars.

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