Transport with optimized payload for the chemical industry.

Making light work: The Mercedes-Benz Antos Loader.

Transport with optimized payload for the chemical industry.

Photos: Ralf Kreuels

Tailor-made solution.

The TALKE Group transports sensitive loads for the chemical industry. TALKE has a fleet of over 500 trucks throughout Europe. The company has a total of 30 branches in 16 countries. Sebastian likes driving in the Rhine-Ruhr area.

He has worked for TALKE since 2012. For an optimised payload, the company uses a strong athlete from the field of heavy-duty distribution transport: the new Mercedes-Benz Antos Loader.

Antos Loader: light and strong.

Payload optimised.

It is six o’clock in the morning. Sebastian Linde is manoeuvring his new Antos Loader in front of the chassis with the container. It is time to couple up. He unfolds the hazardous material sign on the truck and drives off. Almost 30,000 litres of a liquid intermediate product for the chemical industry are to be transported in one journey today. The route: 14 kilometres to the plant in Wesseling and back.

Extensive departure check.

The hazardous material transport must stay under the maximum gross vehicle weight of 40 tonnes. “That’s why the Antos is exactly the right vehicle for the job”, says Sebastian.

On the weighbridge before loading – every kilogramme counts.

Every kilogramme counts.

At TALKE and its customers, some of the major players in the chemical industry, every kilogramme counts when it comes to the load. The higher the possible payload the better. “The vehicle is unbeatable when it comes to consumption and performance”, says Sebastian. “It is perfect for heavy-duty distribution transport, not just here around the cathedral.” The lightweight engine with 7.7 litre displacement helps to optimise the payload. The 260 kW of power deal with the heavy load very well. On the road in the Antos. Watch the video at RoadStars.

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