• Much quicker than digging!

    Much quicker than digging!

    Mobile suction systems are the innovation at construction sites.

    Photo: Christoph Börries

Powerful and efficient.

It’s just a small, inconspicuous rotary switch on the dashboard, but when Uwe Schirwinski operates the switch labelled “drive/suction”, the body of his new Arocs suction excavator means business. “At first, passers-by think there’s a plane taking off,” says the 46-year-old trucker from Peter Plambeck Containerdienst in Cuxhaven with a wink. No wonder, really, because now the 375 kW output of the OM 471 is transferred from the engine tunnel of the Arocs via power take-offs to two turbines in the body behind the driver’s cab. They generate an air flow of around 36,000 cubic metres per hour or, to put it another way, create suction of up to 34,000 pascal or 0.34 bar.

Suction instead of shoveling.

The power arm with suction hose is located at the rear of the suction excavator. It has a reach of around seven metres. If the ground is very hard, a rotary suction pipe can be used to loosen the surface in the same way as with a mill.

A compressed air connection permits the use of an air lance which forces compressed air into the earth to loosen even the harder layers. The suction excavator can be controlled by a single person using a remote control.

Complete control.

The entire vehicle can also be driven remotely at walking pace. To do that, Uwe Schirwinski and Florian Plätzsch need only mount a bar on the steering wheel of the Arocs. Radar sensors monitor the vehicle’s surroundings and stop it when passers-by approach. Two weeks of training at the manufacturer’s were necessary before they were able to master all of the required steps for operating the suction excavator. Watch the video at RoadStars.