• How is the truck doing? Mercedes-Benz Uptime informs in good time if action needs to be taken. That prevents breakdowns and optimises servicing.

    RoadEfficiency: A nice feeling.

    Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Uptime, Robert Kubasiewicz is relaxed when starting his journey.

    Photo: Sebastian Vollmert

How is the truck doing?

Mercedes-Benz Uptime informs in good time if action needs to be taken. That prevents breakdowns and optimises servicing. Pretty cool, don’t you think? So, he just needs to put a bottle of water into the drinks holder and then we’re off! Robert Kubasiewicz prepares himself and his truck for the upcoming journey. Starting from Sulęcin in Poland, the headquarters of the haulage firm Maszoński Logistic, he will drive via Germany to France and into the greater Paris area. From France, he will probably drive on with his high-volume vehicle towards Coblenz. In most cases, he then drives back to Poland with another load.

Robert starts his trip to France from the Maszoński headquarters in Sulęcin, Poland.
In his 32 years as a truck driver, Robert has only had two breakdowns. His Actros has never let him down.

Perfect Timing.

“The subsequent tours often only materialise in the course of the week,” says Robert while adjusting his steering wheel. That means he doesn’t yet know exactly where the coming days will lead him. But it doesn’t worry him either. He has a good feeling because he is driving a truck which he can rely on. His Actros 2543 is just two years old. Being on the road during the week is something the 52-year-old family man has been used to for some time. But being able to spend the weekend with his family in Sulęcin is very important to him and he doesn’t let anything get in the way of that.

Preventing breakdowns.

Maszoński Logistic’s fleet drives European long-haul tours. The haulage company does all it can to ensure that their drivers can rely on their trucks. The company has 160 new Actros vehicles in its fleet. The average term for the trucks at Maszoński is 3.5 years. That means an average between 550,000 and 600,000 kilometres on the clock. “We continually optimise our fleet. We want our trucks on the road and not in the workshop,” exclaims Ryszard Staniszewski, Technical Manager at Maszoński Logistic.

Ryszard Staniszewski, Technical Manager at Maszoński Logistic, has a constant eye on the state of the trucks.
Mercedes-Benz Uptime is cool – the departure check, however, remains a must for Robert Kubasiewicz.

Rapid assistance.

Now, the fleet management team there uses the new Mercedes-Benz Uptime service and is able to prevent breakdowns from happening in the first place. Plus, maintenance measures, repairs and service work can be managed and performed even more efficiently. Staniszewski: “Mercedes-Benz Uptime saves us a lot of time and money!” That’s good news for Robert, too: “I can be sure that the technical state of my truck is being checked optimally at all times. That gives me a really good feeling when I’m on the road.”

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  • Mercedes-Benz Uptime: Robert Kubasiewicz.
  • Mercedes-Benz Uptime: Robert Kubasiewicz.
  • Mercedes-Benz Uptime: Actros 2543.
  • Mercedes-Benz Uptime: Actros 2543.