RoadEfficiency: Mercedes-Benz Actros with fuel-saving technology for particularly low overall costs.

RoadEfficiency: Low total costs.

We do everything. To ensure particularly low overall costs.

Fuel-saving technology.

With the modified OM 470 and OM 471 the range now features two even more economical engines, each of which is available in five power output ratings. Other contributing factors to the low fuel consumption include the optimised 12-speed transmission, the improved shift strategy and Predictive Powertrain Control.

New, intelligent ancillary consumers and honed aerodynamics also play a role. In conjunction with the optimised powertrain, the new OM 470 and OM 471 engines are, all in all, able to achieve fuel savings of up to 6% in comparison with their predecessors.

RoadEfficiency: Mercedes-Benz Actros with fuel-saving technology.

FleetBoard analysis.

The system helps promote a reduced-consumption, reduced-wear driving style. To this end, it records and analyses technical data from the truck. The driver’s style of driving is assessed on the basis of this data and a corresponding mark is awarded. This allows objective assessment and individual driver training. FleetBoard Performance Analysis also ensures that the driver continues to adhere to the reduced-consumption driving style learned during Mercedes-Benz EcoTraining. This can result in long-term fuel savings of up to 15 %. Low total is an integral element in the new RoadEfficiency concept from Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

RoadEfficiency: Individual driver training.

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