Mercedes-Benz Uptime: Intelligent vehicle networking for maximised availability and use.

RoadEfficiency: Maximised use.

We do everything. To maximise use.

More efficiency.

Maximised use is the third pillar of RoadEfficiency. And key factors here are inherently reliable, high-quality trucks and technical innovations. Around 20 years ago, for example, we introduced flexible service intervals based on usage.

In addition we offer a Europe-wide network of workshops, Service24h, comprehensive FleetBoard services and Mercedes-Benz Service Contracts to suit your needs. Developments in the fields of telematics and connectivity have, in turn, allowed further far-reaching improvements. Services which increase vehicle use and make our trucks even more efficient.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime: Fully automatic telediagnosis in real time.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime.

Cleaning the diesel particle filter before it causes problems, never again filling up on AdBlue too late, and always driving with the right tyre pressure – small tasks carried out in a timely manner often help avoid long workshop visits. The new service continually calls up the operating state using the truck’s internal sensors, then creates a real-time diagnosis and warns well in advance of critical situations arising. Mercedes-Benz Uptime subsequently provides specific recommendations for action which can help avoid breakdowns. What’s more, upcoming maintenance can be intelligently coupled in order to carry out several measures simultaneously as part of a single visit to the workshop. Should something need repairing immediately, the Customer Assistance Center will be happy to assist you in planning a workshop stop along the planned route of your truck. Maximised use is an integral element in the new RoadEfficiency concept from Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Mercedes-Benz Uptime: Maximum availability and planning reliability of your vehicles.

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