• The Actros 1843 LS with tipper body at work in the Allgäu.

    The Actros 1843 LS with tipper body at work in the Allgäu.

    Helping the Geiger Group in the quarry.

    Photos: Bernhard Huber

Crossover artist.

Always something new from Mercedes-Benz Trucks: while the Actros 1843 LS with its hydraulically powered tipping body is built for the road where it performs with its usual efficiency, it can easily handle detours over the rough at construction sites. The Geiger Group in Germany’s Allgäu region already operates the truck with the great payload advantage on a daily basis. “We want a vehicle that performs very economically on the road but that can also handle the last few metres at the construction site,” says Andreas Weber. He is Head of Logistics and Business Development at the Geiger group of companies, based in the Allgäu region. The solution for the special task at Geiger: the new road-oriented semitrailer Actros 1843 LS with hydraulically-operated tipper body. A glance at the portfolio of the Geiger Group shows that the company operates as comfortably on motorways as on the rough terrain of a construction site.

Andreas Weber, Head of Logistics and Business Development at Geiger Logistik GmbH & Co. KG in Germany’s Allgäu region.
Mercedes-Benz Actros 1843 LS on the road.

Increased construction site suitability.

Hauling bitumen from Ingolstadt to Kempten in the Allgäu on the motorway is as much a part of the daily business as carrying bulk freight up and down steep quarry ramps – and it is usually all done by the same green and red coloured fleet of vehicles. Working on one of the Geiger Group’s smaller projects, the removal of gravel from Lake Forggen, located at the foot of Neuschwanstein Castle and drained for several weeks each year, the road-oriented Actros 1843 LS shows what it is made of. The truck handles approaches down to the front-end loader in the middle of the lakebed with ease. The truck’s improved capability for handling construction site terrain makes the vehicle’s deployment at the interface between motorway and construction site much more efficient and easier to plan for Geiger.

Detour into the construction site.

Previously the Actros – built for driving long distances on sealed roads – was not always able to drive onto construction sites. The off-road capable Arocs had to be deployed instead, but its robust design meant lower payloads. The road-oriented Actros 1843 LS prime mover with hydraulically-operated tipper body has now closed this gap. What matters for Andreas Weber: “The truck must have a very low tare weight so that it can carry a high payload. In addition, our drivers should be able to sleep in the truck. For moving around construction sites, it is important that the vehicle has as much ground clearance as possible and can handle steep slope and ramp angles.” For this reason, the road-oriented Actros 1843 LS with tipper trailer is designed to be best suited for transporting bulk goods predominantly on the road, with just the occasional off-road deployment. More at RoadStars.

Actros 1843 LS with its hydraulically powered tipping body in the quarry.

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