Which is the more economical drive? The Actros Euro VI in direct comparison with the competition.

The Actros battling in the Fuel Duel.

Which is the more economical drive? The Actros Euro VI in direct comparison with the competition.

Photos: Martin Jehnichen

New Euro VI Actros up against competitor trucks.

Which is the more economical in everyday haulage operations? Mercedes-Benz was determined to find out – and has sent the Actros out hundreds of times to different haulage companies to do battle in “Fuel Duels” against the competition. Since 2011 it has had its own entry in the Guinness Book of Records for all to see: the time-proven Actros Euro V is the most fuel-efficient series-production truck in the world. And the new Euro VI-version Actros goes even further than that, using up to 5 percent less diesel than the preceding series. But can the new Actros confirm these figures in ordinary, everyday use? Drivers and haulage companies have been able to find out for themselves in the Fuel Duel initiative.


In each case, Mercedes-Benz provided an Actros Euro VI for them to use for two to three weeks. The promise was that it would beat the most economical competitor truck in their fleet in a “duel”.

The new Actros with further optimised fuel economy.

Duels conducted on typical, ordinary transport routes.

The Actros has now entered into the Fuel Duel in Germany as well. For example, at Aroba Logistik, based in Wiedemar in Northern Saxony. Peter Knorr - one of two Aroba drivers - was behind the wheel. He was transporting typical payloads for Aroba - about ten tonnes of frozen food to Hamburg and about 14 tonnes of textiles back to base - along one of their standard routes.

The truck ploughed the route by day and night, totting up a total of 8,920 kilometres. Prior to this, the two drivers had received training in the new Actros from a Mercedes-Benz ProfiTraining instructor, while highly experienced colleagues drove the Euro VI competitor truck.

Peter Knorr, truck driver and participant in the Fuel Duel.

The Actros 1842 Euro VI triumphs at Aroba.

After two weeks Knorr concludes: “Consumption was 22.8 litres with the new Actros. That’s over two litres less than the truck it was up against, which logged 25.0 litres! That surprised me. The automated gearshifting must surely have played an important role in this. It shifts the Actros swiftly into a higher gear, but keeps the engine speed as low as possible. That saves fuel. In fact, I believe it would be possible to drive the new Actros even more economically: it’s very easy to operate – however, you normally need a couple of weeks to really get to know a truck, and I only had 14 days with this one.” Peter Knorr has been a truck driver for 34 years. “But I’ve never come across a truck I like as much as the Actros!”

Duel won.

“The new Actros claimed a clear Fuel Duel victory at Aroba Logistik. With its performance and features, this is a top product for the drivers!”, said Andreas Marx, Freight Forwarding Manager Aroba Logistik GmbH.

Andreas Marx, Freight Forwarding Manager.

Results for all duels from across Europe on our website Fuel Duel.

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