Coveted environmental award presented by editors of

The Actros is Green Truck 2015.

Coveted environmental award presented by editors of “Trucker” and “VerkehrsRundschau”.

Photos: Matthias Aletsee

Most fuel-efficient and eco-friendly truck of 2015.

The Actros 1842 has impressed the editorial teams of the reputed “Trucker” and “VerkehrsRundschau” publications at this year’s Green Truck Award and succeeded in taking first place in the rankings. As a result the Actros has emerged as the most environment-friendly truck, edging ahead of the competition by virtue of its low fuel consumption. The vehicle clocked up an average fuel consumption of 22.9 litre per 100 kilometre in independent tests conducted last year for the editorial teams’ Green Truck Award.

The Green Truck 2015 goes to the Actros.

The primary assessment criterion is fuel consumption and the attendant CO₂-emissions. Read more about the award and the Fuel Duel at RoadStars.

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