With little restoration know-how but a great willingness to learn, Frank Diesing turned his LP 1113 into a true gem.

The Mercedes-Benz LP 1113.

Frank Diesing discovered his LP 1113 at a vintage vehicle rally 25 years ago and duly revamped it.

Photos: Ralf Kreuels

Childhood dream.

A big, “wide-eyed”, friendly face, cuddly curves, yet still a full-blooded truck. It is easy to imagine how 12-year-old Frank Diesing’s eyes lit up when a LP 710 was parked next door to his parents in his home town of Remscheid. “The LP soon became a favourite place for me to play,” says Frank Diesing today. “I was enthralled, sitting behind the wheel and dreaming of the great, wide world.”

Frank Diesing discovered his LP 1113 at a vintage vehicle show.

Now 51 years of age, at 26 he stopped dreaming and treated himself to a vintage vehicle in the guise of an LP 1113.

Mercedes-Benz LP 1113.

LP 1113, first registered 1964.

“I had just restored a Mercedes 230 and was looking for another way to while away my free time.” And so on a whim, his hobby had taken on rather larger proportions. Frank Diesing, who was still living with his parents at the time and did not have a truck driving licence, opted to keep quiet about his new acquisition for the time being. And he maintained his silence on the matter until the day it was delivered. “While I was still in my room musing over the right way to explain it, my mother called out at some point in the morning: ‘Frank, there are some people here delivering a truck! Is that right?’ With three question marks!”

In top shape, inside and out.

In technical terms, the LP 1113 was in no bad shape – only the brakes needed repairing. Diesing had the chassis sand-blasted and repainted. “There was still plenty to do. I had to produce a whole range of body parts by hand. Others I was able to get hold of. All the surfaces on the cab have been restored and painted. The seats have been re-upholstered. And the platform has also had a new coat of paint, of course.”

All the cab surfaces have been restired.

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