The new Actros on duty for the Sansibar.

The new Actros as a black tractor unit with a black refrigerated semitrailer is the only one worldwide in the Sansibar design.

A star amid the sand dunes.

The foaming breakers hit the beach and the south-westerly gusts of wind toss the marram grass. Once you’ve found a wind sheltered spot, though, like the terrace of Germany’s most famous beach restaurant Sansibar, the sun’s rays are warm and you can sit back and enjoy the holiday on the North Sea island of Sylt.

Landlord Herbert Seckler offers delicious food and drinks there. His cuisine has a reputation that extends far beyond the island. Legends surround the treasures he keeps in his wine cellar, for which he is the envy of many a restaurant elsewhere in the country.

The new Actros in the Sansibar design cuts a fine figure amid the sand dunes of Sylt.

Mercedes-Benz Actros Sansibar Sylt
Mercedes-Benz Sansibar Sylt

Excellent wines. Fine food. Exclusive accessoires.

Transporting sufficient quantities of the hand-picked wines from vineyards worldwide to the dunes in Rantum requires a competent supplier and a smooth-running logistics process. Particularly as the Sansibar not only operates a restaurant but also a wine store, a beach chair hire service and a textile outlet. In addition, customers can order books, serviettes, salt cellars, beach chairs and stickers with the popular double-broadswords logo on the Internet.

Mercedes-Benz Actros Sansibar Sylt Marvin Ubben Henning Voigt

Sansibar landlord Herbert Seckler with Actros driver Marvin Ubben and haulier Henning Voigt. (from left)

Integrated logistics team.

Henning Voigt from Neumünster came up with a solution that begins by bundling all freight in his logistics centre. This includes wines, which Voigt’s trucks pick up directly from the vineyards, and imported shipments that arrive in Neumünster.

The goods ordered online, everything from spirits, baseball caps and beach chairs to handbags and sauna towels, are also dispatched from here. The orders from Sylt, the requirements of the restaurant, of the wine warehouse in the Rantum industrial estate directly behind the dike and of the textile outlet, are also received here.

Daily deliveries.

“We make daily deliveries to the Sansibar. Warehousing space on Sylt is very limited,” says Marvin Ubben. He is a long-distance driver for Voigt and only comes to Sylt now and again with his tractor unit. Usually, a colleague drives there in a rigid truck. When Ubben does come to the island he is guaranteed to be the centre of attention because he drives a new Actros with a black refrigerated semitrailer. That is a rarity in itself. What is more, his tractor unit is the only one worldwide in the Sansibar design. “Brilliant truck”, “Let me have a drive,” and “I reckon I’m going to retrain” are just some of the comments Ubben hears when he stops along the way. Wherever he goes, cameras zoom in on the truck.

Mercedes-Benz Actros Sansibar Sylt

Ubben remains modest: “I’m not the type who wants to feel important,” he says, adding that he is in fact a little embarrassed by the fuss. “But I’m obviously pleased that everyone finds my truck so great.”

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