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  • With Mercedes me finally having more time for the important things in life.

    Mercedes me.

    Simple. Intelligent. And made for you.

We’ve reinvented mobility before.

In 1886, with the first car. Now it’s time to do so again. Mobility these days is far more than simply a means of transport. A whole world is open to you now on your smartphone. The world of Mercedes-Benz, too. Check your vehicle’s data, take a look at your contracts or book your personal mobility services. So much is possible – and every day there’s more. So come aboard and join us on a journey into the future of mobility.

Mercedes me and your smartphone make life easier in your Mercedes-Benz.
With Mercedes me you do not worry anymore.

Inspection forgotten? We prepared everything.

Your Mercedes-Benz automatically ensures that your car is optimally maintained. Maintenance Management and Remote vehicle diagnostics are used to send relevant vehicle data and information about wear by Remote Service to your Mercedes-Benz service partner – and you are automatically contacted.

The Mercedes-Benz emergency call systemI is your safety net in an emergency. Should you be involved in an accident, your vehicle’s communication module is able to connect you automatically with the Mercedes-Benz emergency response centre. As it does so, the system passes on your precise position and the number of occupants in the vehicle. If necessary, the emergency call data are passed immediately to a Europe-wide emergency response centre – so ensuring that appropriate measures are initiated as quickly as possible.

What time do we need to leave? Six minutes earlier.

Know even before you set off that you’re going to arrive on time: with journeys that you undertake regularly, the estimated driving time function in Mercedes me alerts you in good time to delays caused by traffic jams. It calculates the expected extra journey time and prompts you to set off correspondingly sooner. Where’s the car key? In your smartphone! The Digital Vehicle Key allows you to lock and unlock your Mercedes-Benz from your smartphone – and even to start the engine that way.II

New roadworks, a sudden hold-up: navigate your way round such surprises with the help of Live Traffic InformationIII, which enables your vehicle to receive up-to-date and accurate traffic information. It can also recalculate the best route based on this information. Communication is the solution to most problems, even when you’re out and about: suitably equipped Mercedes-Benz vehicles can use Car-to-X CommunicationIV to share information with one another. And to warn you even more quickly and reliably about traffic jams, slippery road conditions and other unwelcome occurrences in your vicinity.

You do not sit in traffic anymore with the Mercedes me Live Traffic function.
With Mercedes me you will not forget your parking space anymore.

Where did I park? We’ll remember for you!

Tight parking space? That’s what Remote Parking AssistV is there to help with. Once the parking space has been identified, as you drive past, you get out of your Mercedes-Benz and control the parking process conveniently from your smartphone. The drive is at an end, but sometimes the journey continues: door-to-door navigation will therefore take you the whole way, even on foot.

We’ve all been there: after a long shopping trip, or perhaps in a strange town, you can’t find where you’ve parked your car. This is where the Parked Vehicle Locator service comes in useful. As long as you aren’t more than 1.5 kilometres away, it will show you the location of your vehicle – and how to get back to it.

Communication solves most problems, even on the road.

The Vehicle Tracker makes it possible to track your moving vehicle via GPS – for example if you’ve lent it to someone. The Geofencing function informs you as soon as your Mercedes-Benz leaves or enters an area which you have previously defined and marked.

Enough fuel for tomorrow? Just stay where you are – Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status allows you to call up all sorts of information about your Mercedes-Benz online. Whether it’s the odometer reading, the range or the tank fill level or something else that you need – a quick glance at your smartphone provides the details.

You may be travelling for business or be on holiday – with the digital service report you can see your service history wherever you may be and at any time. This can be particularly useful if you are changing the workshop you use, moving house or planning to sell your vehicle. On top of this, the Vehicle Service Dashboard offers you a wealth of advantages: not only does it provide all the service data at a glance and allow you to book an appointment directly, you also receive all the information about service scopes and Mobilo.

Mercedes me offers you a digital home for your service history.

Ultimate in convenience and protection in all service matters.

Information in the Vehicle Dashboard includes the due date for the next service or the next main inspection, the Mobilo status, the warranty package term, and service measures.

Mercedes me also offers the ultimate in convenience and protection in all service matters related to your vehicle: should you require roadside assistance, Mercedes-Benz Service24h offers you round-the-clock availability – at the simple touch of a button in your vehicle. The mobility solution Mobilo comes as standard with every Mercedes-Benz car, and is renewed free of charge after every Mercedes-Benz service. Rapid on-the-spot assistance is available in over 40 European countries, around the clock and including towing away - or a replacement vehicle to help you get back on your way quickly.

Security and transparency you can rely on.

Connected mobility is a fascinating topic. A responsible approach to data protection and data security is a matter of course for Mercedes-Benz.

  • Please note that Mercedes me connect services are only available for Mercedes-Benz vehicles in selected model series, although not in all countries. Your Mercedes-Benz dealer will be happy to provide advice about the necessary equipment and options for your vehicle.
  • The provision of the Mercedes me connect services is via a SIM card installed in the car and depends upon the availability of network coverage. The cost of connecting the vehicle to the Daimler AG server will be borne by Daimler AG.VI
  • The linking of a vehicle with the Mercedes me connect services can only be undertaken by a participating authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer and following presentation of the necessary authorisation documents. The customer can then define other persons as co-users.
  • Daimler AG collects, stores, processes and uses personal data for the purposes of rendering the Mercedes me connect services to the extent specified in the Terms of Use for the individual services and provided that the customer has consented to the processing and use of their data.
  • Daimler AG has put in place a security concept that provides effective protection of all information and data relating to the customer against unintentional or unauthorised deletion, amendment, disclosure to third parties, loss of data or access by unauthorised parties.
  • Further information about services, availability, periods of validity and costs may be found in the Mercedes-Benz price lists. Information about suitable smartphones and the requisite browsers may be found at: www.mercedes-benz-mobile.com.
Register now for Mercedes me.

One-time registration. Ongoing fascination.

  1. Set up your personal Mercedes me account by going to www.mercedes.me and registering online, then accepting the Terms of Use.
  2. You will then receive an email that will allow you to complete the registration process: once you’ve entered your personal password, your Mercedes me account will be activated.
  3. Now all that’s needed is to link your Mercedes-Benz with the account. This will be done by your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer – please contact your dealer or use our online authentication process. You will have access to Mercedes me shortly afterwards.

Digital networking has revolutionised our lives. And the best thing is: it’s all completely intuitive and effortless. Even registering with Mercedes me is just so simple:

I For your safety, the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system automatically remains active at all times. All other Standard Services offered as part of Mercedes me connect will only take effect when you expressly request them and have accepted the conditions of use.

II Remote Door Locking is not possible for the V-Class if the doors, tailgate and/or the rear window are open. The system does not show if the vent windows or the tailgate on the V-Class have been left open. Remote Door Locking and Unlocking is not available for the X-Class.

III The service is activated for a period of three years and can be extended at the end of this period at extra charge.

IV This service is available for the following model series from the date of production shown: E-Class (from 03/16), S-Class (from 06/17), C-Class (from 06/17) and GLC (from 06/17).

V The service is available for the following model series from the date of production shown: E-Class Saloon (from 03/16), E-Class Estate (from 09/16), E-Class Coupé (from 03/17), E-Class Cabriolet (from 09/17), S-Class (from 06/17). The driver is responsible for controlling the vehicle at all times. The automatic parking function (Remote Parking Assist) may not be approved for use in all countries.

VI Some services require additional data volume, which is subject to a charge. Corresponding information is available at www.mercedes.me.

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