Mixed Tape Compilation #63.

Sailing the Seven Seas.

Mixed Tape Compilation #63 is a somewhat laid-back affair, as well as, from time to time being slightly melancholic. Starting with sun drenched yacht-rock grooves by Russian band Pompeya this mix is a journey towards the dusk of a warm night. Our travelling companions are a diverse mix of artists: on the one hand electronic music producers Bob Moses or NTEIBINT and fully-fledged rock outfits like The Phoenix Foundation and I Know Leopard on the other. In the mix you will find, as always, debut releases like “Calm Down” by Bombee and “Temple” by Wilde, as well as tracks from later albums, like “Settle Down” by LANKS or Peter Broderick’s “One Way”.

WILDE by Gillian Mapp

The compilation is available for free download on Soundcloud and iTunes. Each single track from the compilation will be made available for free download in the portal exclusively.

Cover Mixed Tape #63 by Jennis Li Cheng Tien

Track list.

01. Pompeya “Pasadena”

02. I Know Leopard “Close My Eyes”

03. NTEIBINT “The Owner (feat. Stella)”

04. Peter Broderick “One Way”

05. The Phoenix Foundation “Sunbed”

06. LANKS “Settle Down”

07. Bob Moses “Talk”

08. Dralms “Pillars & Pyre”

09. Bombee “Calm Down”

10. Wilde “Temple”

You can download a printable version of the cover here.

Two opposing Forces.

The cover design for our Mixed tape Compilation #63 comes from Berlin based and Taiwan born artist Jennis Li Cheng Tien. She separates her work between both fine art and illustration, with her project “Have A Nice Day” being the latest endeavour into the latter. We chose Jennis to design our latest cover, since we were truly amazed by the look of her illustrative works. In the following interview we took our chance to get to know the artist better.

Hi Jennis, we are very happy you created the artwork for our Mixed Tape Compilation #63. Can you tell us how you approached this design in particular?

I was looking through the Mercedes-Benz website and found an image that I felt had an impelling energy. The found image was then digitally manipulated to build up a tension between two opposing forces.

Jennis Li Cheng Tien by Ulli Burger

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