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Mercedes-Benz stands for the best or nothing – a notion that was originally embodied by visionary automotive pioneer Bertha Benz.

Bertha was not only Karl Benz's wife and the mother of his children, she was also her husband’s inspiration and business partner: as the first person to undertake a long distance car ride, Bertha validated the concept of the automobile, thus laying the foundation for a whole new industry and paving the way for the Mercedes-Benz success story.

Every success story is unique, but striving to excel is a trait all successful women share. But what is success? We believe it cannot be reduced to one aspect alone, but is far more an intelligent and balanced interplay of personal and professional fulfilment. The will to shape and define our own path is the driving force behind our modern concept of success.

New perspectives on career and life

We believe that the power of inspired minds can effect excellence. She’s Mercedes is the canvas of this idea: an Inspiration Circle; a place where women can connect and exchange ideas, share experiences and learn from one another; a hub for sparking conversation, offering new perspectives and supporting ambitions. She’s Mercedes is a platform dedicated to inspiring, connecting and empowering women to unleash their best. She’s Mercedes consists of networking events, a print magazine and this digital hub, the primary aim being to create a dialogue: Embedded in a mix of formats, exceptional women from different fields and industries give us their personal insights into topics all around business and private life, as well as how to successfully balance the two. In intimate portraits, home stories and interviews, we speak about the challenges and ups and downs of their careers, as well as their personal achievements, mistakes, fears and goals.

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