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27.06.2019 | Text Sophia Steube

Ann Friedman, Aminatou Sow and Gina Delvac are posing in front of a variety of cactuses. While the women on the left and right are sitting on chairs, the woman in the middle stands upright.
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Seven podcasts that celebrate empowerment.

Countless remarkable people have created or been featured in podcasts to share their unique stories. We have selected seven that celebrate empowerment. They will inspire you to apply the lessons of others in your own life, and to achieve the goals that matter most to you. In the following podcasts, you will hear stories about exciting career paths, balancing work and family life, and how the speakers endured their most trying times. You will also learn how our heroines and heroes overcame their challenges and why, looking back, they are happy to have faced them.

David Noël and Isabelle Sonnenfeld laughing together in front of a brick wall. The headline says: “Der Role Models Podcast”.

Role Models

“Role Models” began in 2015 as a series of live events hosted by David Noël and Isabelle Sonnenfeld, who invite interesting women to talk about how they got to where they are in their lives and careers. The heart of each conversation is the story of how the guest came to be so successful in her work and life. In 2017, the event series became a podcast recorded alternately in a studio and in front of live audiences. The show gives a platform to women of every professional background, including midwives, moderators and ski mountaineers. Many of the show’s guests are from Germany – specifically Berlin, the country’s start-up capital – and there are episodes available in German and English. A few new episodes are made available each month.

Michelle Park and Stacy Igel jumping and gesturing towards the camera. The headline says: “#MomsGotThis”.

Moms Got This

“Compatibility” is the magic word for “Moms Got This”, a podcast from the United States. Mothers Michelle Park and Stacy Igel talk with women from all walks of professional life about how they manage to be both magnificent mums and career-minded workers. The interviews focus on the constant challenges and small successes of working mothers, plus tips and tricks for striking the ideal work–life balance. Park and Igel get each guest’s take on the same four topics: the mom journey, routines & relationships, products & solutions, and moments & aspirations. The four segments are released separately over the course of a week. Previous guests include jewellery designer Roxanne Assoulin and Dana Pollack, founder of Dana’s Bakery.

Elizabeth Day smiling at the camera, wearing a bracelet and a watch, resting her elbow on the table.

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

Surmounting hurdles is an important part of life. After all, the road to our goals rarely unfolds the way we expect it to. On her podcast “How To Fail With Elizabeth Day”, the eponymous British journalist interviews women and men who have travelled such unexpected, unpredictable roads. She speaks with her guests about their personal failures, how these failures gave them strength, and what they taught them about the nature of success. Her guest roster boasts such public figures and entertainers as actress and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge, musician Lily Allen and bestselling author Sebastian Faulks. “How To Fail With Elizabeth Day” was nominated in the category Best Arts & Culture in this year’s British Podcast Awards.

An illustration on a light-blue background. On the left is a drawing of headphones and the logo of the HeadLights podcast. On the right are five illustrated portraits.


Three questions kick off each episode of Daimler’s podcast “HeadLights”: What do you like the most about your work? What could be better? And: What did you want to be when you were six years old? The guests are Daimler employees and partners who bring the listeners to their workplace or talk about projects they are developing with Daimler – projects like what3words, an innovative address system app, as explained by Clare Jones. “HeadLights” focuses on the career paths of individuals as a means of inspiring others to turn their own professional dreams into living reality. Episodes are in German and English, and released weekly. The hosts are Jessica Abt, editor-in-chief of the Daimler blog, and Sascha Pallenberg, Daimler’s head of Digital Transformation.

Adrienne Herbert wearing a white T-shirt that says “Love First”, smiling at the camera. The headline reads: “Studio Power Hour”.

Power Hour

British fitness coach Adrienne Herbert is a speaker and co-founder of GetToKNOW, a network of and for women who work in creative fields. In late November 2018, she launched her weekly podcast “Power Hour” where she conducts long-form interviews with inspiring women, like musician Fleur East and food blogger/entrepreneur Ella Mills. The conversations explore the routines, habits and values that have helped the guests bring their ideas to fruition. Power Hour aims to motivate listeners to seize their potential, and finally realise their deepest wishes and loftiest goals. These 35- to 50-minute episodes are complemented by voice-message style recordings that address topics like change and goal-setting, usually in 10 minutes or less.

Ann Friedman, Aminatou Sow and Gina Delvac are posing in front of a variety of cactuses. While the women on the left and right are sitting on chairs, the woman in the middle stands upright.

Call Your Girlfriend

Since 2014, journalist Ann Friedman, digital strategist/entrepreneur Aminatou Sow and producer Gina Delvac have turned out weekly episodes of the US-based podcast “Call Your Girlfriend”. What began as Friedman and Sow recording their weekly phone and Skype chats has blossomed into a bona fide production, with the two friends becoming co-hosts. Each week, they bring an exceptional woman into the spotlight and laud her accomplishments in accordance with their unique “Shine Theory”. They also speak candidly about topics as diverse as body positivity and finance. Actress, writer, and magazine editor Tavi Gevinson is one of the many illustrious guests to have appeared on the show. In April of this year, Friedman launched a separate podcast, “Going Through It”. Here, remarkable women share the challenging situations life has led them to and tell of making the difficult decision: Do I redouble my effort, or rethink the whole plan?

Philiy Page smiling towards the camera while sitting on a wooden bench.

Creative Women International

Time management, creative breaks and self-actualisation in your career are just some of the subjects broached by the weekly “Creative Women International” podcast. Host Philiy Page shares the lessons she’s learned from over 24 years of self-employment, but these episodes offer more than simple tips: the podcast is practically a business training course for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Page hosts talks with various experts who advise listeners on being your own boss and achieving commercial success. Beyond the walls of the studio, “Creative Women International” is a real-life, worldwide community for women in creative sectors to network, support each other and attend meet-ups together.

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