She's Mercedes Exhibition – A Homage to Female Creativity

22.06.2017 | Text Laura Sodano | Photo Andreas Bohlender
spectator at the She's Mercedes vernissage 'A homage to female creativity' in Berlin
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With the motto 'A Homage to Female Creativity', we set out to spotlight the many interesting and inspiring women that we have portrayed and accompanied over the past two years as part of the She’s Mercedes initiative. The She’s Mercedes Exhibition in Berlin on 8 June 2017, was attended by around one hundred delighted guests.

Invitations to the She’s Mercedes event on June 8th, 2017 in Berlin promised an exhibition dedicated to female creativity and an evening designed to inspire. And numerous female guests from the worlds of design, lifestyle and the start-up scene were only too happy to attend. The She’s Mercedes Exhibition provided Mercedes-Benz with the perfect opportunity to showcase the many impressive portraits, intimate stories, and interviews which have been collected since the launch of the She’s Mercedes initiative about two years ago.

the She's Mercedes exhibition location in Berlin

The guests were treated to a wide selection of international video and photo productions in the appropriate setting of studioberlin. On the one hand, the focus was on strong and inspiring women who are driven by creativity. But the exhibition also illustrated how a storyboard is turned into a film or an idea into an interview and a photo story. The She’s Mercedes Exhibition provided rare insights into the creative process.

The evening began with an introduction by Gesina Schwengers, Head of Digital Communication and Media Mercedes-Benz Cars, and patron of the She’s Mercedes Lounge. 'She’s Mercedes centres around dialogue – dialogue that encompasses inspiration, creativity, mobility, and all of the exciting current and future subjects of our age. Creativity is often not just an essential part of our job but also of our daily lives,' she pointed out, summing up the message of the evening. She then handed over to designer Saskia Diez and JUNIQE founder Lea Lange, who provided some insight into their own personal stories in conversation with host Leo Busch and shared their take on female creativity with the audience.


'I think it's good when interesting people, in this instance women, are brought together from different branches to exchange ideas and get to know one another. That's why I said yes when She’s Mercedes approached me about the portrait,' stated Saskia Diez, whose photos were also on show during the event – and can still be seen in the She’s Mercedes Lounge and on the She’s Mercedes website.

The other guests were delighted to use the opportunity to exchange ideas with the women on the stage. When it came to a question about the links between a female management style and creativity, Lea Lange had a clear point of view: 'I think that creativity plays a major role for women – including in business. Women are often more empathetic in the workplace. And that can often open up new perspectives and possibilities.' At the end of the day both of the influential women agreed that when it comes to your own business, it pays to be cool and rational, but to succeed you also need dreams – in both your professional and your personal life.

During the remainder of the evening, guests were able to enjoy the inspirational photo and video productions on display, and enjoy inspiring conversations and the exchange of ideas. Guests were treated to a selection of Berlin sandwiches, fruit, and sweet snacks from Fechtner. Music from female DJ duo Les Filles Noires provided the perfect way to round off the She’s Mercedes Exhibition – made all the more enjoyable thanks to the enthusiastic participation of all of our guests.

a white Mercedes-Benz in front of the exhibition location in Berlin

On behalf of the whole She’s Mercedes team, we would like to thank you for a very special evening that we will remember for a long time!

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