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29.12.2017 | Camera blue media

Delia Fischer: Founder of Westwing
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A tour through Munich with the founder of Westwing.

When Delia Fischer founded the shopping club Westwing in 2011, her aspiration was to create a platform that not only presented furniture and decorative items in an appealing manner, but also offered them for sale. Rather than spending ages scouring furniture shops in search of the perfect sofa or an exclusive curtain, the platform would give customers the opportunity to purchase everything they like from the comfort of their home.

The fact that nothing like this was offered on the market back then was incomprehensible for the former editor of Elle and Elle Decor. Determined and destined to make her idea happen, she decided to take the risk of self-employment.

Of course Delia Fischer made her resolutions for 2017 by now, but “they have to be realistic and attainable!”, she states. And for her, realistic and attainable means to take things to the next level. Within five years, she took Westwing to annual sales in the hundred million euro range and expanded to fourteen different countries. For 2017, she plans to launch the brand’s first collection “WestwingBasics” consisting of basics like cutlery, photo frames and coat hangers. This kind of success obviously comes with a great range of challenges and an incredibly busy schedule. For that reason, we invited Delia Fischer to a She’s Mercedes Short Trip for a brief recap of the past year and a look ahead to her personal goals for 2017.

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You’ve made significant achievements and are one of the most important digital founders in Germany. What does a typical day in your life look like?

There is nothing like a “typical” workday in my life – every day is different and exciting. There is a good mixture of office days and days where I travel. For example, I regularly attend exhibitions in order to keep up to date with the latest trends and to then communicate them to our creative directors all over the world.

At the end of a year we all like to look back and recall what affected us most. Which highlights did you experience in 2016?

The past year made me very happy. Westwing celebrated its fifth birthday, which was very special.

Thank you very much and Happy New Year!

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