Short Trip with Myriel Walter

21.03.2017 | Photo Benjamin Koch | Camera Klaus Kneist

brand relations manager Myriel Walter standing next to a Mercedes-Benz in Berlin
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We accompany the vibrant brand relations manager on her way to her next meeting.

During a trip to Tel Aviv, Myriel Walter coincidentally made the acquaintance of her soon-to-be boss and just like that, the path for the next years of her life unfolded before her like magic. Instead of moving to a new country, she seized the opportunity of a new job, gathering skills and experiences she never imagined she would have. Since then, Walter, who graduated with a degree in cultural management, has strong convictions that the right opportunities will arise if only people pay attention to what is happening around them.

Formerly the membership manager of the esteemed Berlin Soho House, Walter knows the local scene inside out. In her new job as regional brand relations director of the European Hotels Private Collection & Entourage Group, Walter takes her abilities to a European scale, guiding hospitality brands and companies to achieve their maximum potential. With the opportunity to travel and think outside the box through a diverse range of tasks, Walter feels she has blossomed in her career path—and it all traces back to a coincidental encounter.

I am convinced the next great opportunity will arise if you pay attention to what is happening around you.

Myriel Walter

Walter (now the mother of a young daughter) claims she was never one to heed advice, but she is very grateful to her own mother and grandmother for teaching her how to boldly embrace life in spite of its many obstacles. During a relaxing short trip with Myriel Walter through West Berlin, we stopped by two hotels under her purview—edgy newcomer hotel Max Brown and boutique hotel Sir Savigny—to shed a light on how Walter’s abstract philosophies play out during the day-to-day of her fast-paced life.

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What motivates you to accomplish your goals?

It’s important for me that I teach my daughter to live consciously and that I inspire confidence in her. Especially in these times where political populism is becoming socially acceptable again and issues I considered obsolete are taken up again. It’s more important than ever to remain reflective and clear-headed.

Myriel Walter working on her Macbook

Are you able to unwind easily or are you always on the grid?

I’ve been doing yoga and meditation for many years now and that’s how I learned how important it is to relax and unwind or rather, to find a connection to your inner self and to block out the outside world. That way I can recharge most effectively and integrate this inner balance into my everyday life.

Myriel Walter standing in front of her hotel Sir Savigny

How do you handle risks?

I like risks as they entail opportunities and they also make life more colourful and exciting. However, I do listen to my inner voice and don’t take on every risk that presents itself. This inner voice has become louder since the birth of my daughter Mila, but it still gives me enough freedom for the occasional odd adventure.

Thank you very much for the interview and good luck!

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