She’s Mercedes turns five

Five years of She’s Mercedes.

She’s Mercedes turns five. We want our digital festivities to put the community front and centre and say thank you. 

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She’s all of us – women who change the world.

To mark its fifth anniversary, She’s Mercedes celebrates some of its most inspiring community members with a film.

For five years now, She’s Mercedes has been telling the stories of extraordinary women from around the globe. Every one of them has proven to the world that fulfilling your dreams is never about gender. It’s always about persistence, determination – and a sense of one’s very own special power.

While there’s no single definition of “power”, it’s something that a lot of people strive to achieve. However, for most of the women that She’s Mercedes has met over the years, the concept of power has had a much deeper meaning that goes beyond mere authority. To them, being powerful means having a say, an influence, an impact. It means independence and freedom. It means they are in the driving seat when it comes to choosing their own paths – in some cases, quite literally. 

For its fifth anniversary, She’s Mercedes celebrates all of them in a newly released short film featuring nine of these iconic female powerhouses. Because if there’s one thing these women have taught us, it is that powerful women defy characterisation. They come in all types, each with her very own definition of what it means to be powerful. One uses her words to create an impact, another her body. One is vocal and outspoken, the other reserved and gentle.  

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