She’s all of us – A short film

26.10.2020 | Authors: Katalina Farkas, Marcel Bender | Photos: Anna Heupel

“She’s All of Us” – When empowerment changes the world
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To mark its fifth anniversary, She’s Mercedes celebrates its community with an inspiring short film.

For five years now, She’s Mercedes has been telling the stories of extraordinary women from around the globe. Every one of them has proven to the world that fulfilling your dreams is never about gender. It’s always about persistence, determination – and a sense of one’s very own special power.

While there’s no single definition of “power”, it’s something that a lot of people strive to achieve. However, for most of the women that She’s Mercedes has met over the years, the concept of power has had a much deeper meaning that goes beyond mere authority. To them, being powerful means having a say, an influence, an impact. It means independence and freedom. It means they are in the driving seat when it comes to choosing their own paths – in some cases, quite literally.

For its fifth anniversary, She’s Mercedes celebrates all of them in a newly released short film featuring nine of these iconic female powerhouses. Because if there’s one thing these women have taught us, it is that powerful women defy characterisation. They come in all types, each with her very own definition of what it means to be powerful. One uses her words to create an impact, another her body. One is vocal and outspoken, the other reserved and gentle.

What’s remarkable is that each of them is powerful in her own way: for architect Kotchakorn, having power means the ability to transform cities full of concrete in a way that allows them to reconnect with nature. For photographer Cristina, it means encouraging others to follow her path to protect the world’s oceans. Plus-size model Paloma, on the other hand, uses the power of her body to campaign for a fundamental change in our perception of beauty and womanhood. Visual artist Leena takes advantage of her profile to shine a light on her fellow members of Dubai’s creative community. Another woman featured in the film is musician Yuna, who challenges stereotypes one performance at a time and takes a stand to celebrate the beauty of female friendship. Poet Koleka has dedicated her life to fighting injustice against minorities. Designer Sarah turned her passion for gemstones into a business model that has taken her to every corner of the earth and the human mind. Travel photographer Alina reveals her power by using her collective art approach to unmask gender clichés of a male-dominated industry. And already over 140 years ago, visionary Bertha used her determination and engineering spirit to change the world of mobility for good – in an era when a woman’s path in life was mapped out even before she was born.

Despite having all chosen different paths in life, it’s this very difference that unites them – as does being part of She’s Mercedes. It’s a community in which women are empowering each other, lifting each other up to rise together. It’s a community that draws strength from the diversity of its unique members. That is the power of the She’s Mercedes community. And while the film focuses on some of its most iconic members, it aims also to shine a light on the entire She’s Mercedes community. Because She’s all of us.

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Kotchakorn Voraakhom stands at a Mercedes-Benz C-Class and looks into the distance.
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